9 Things You Need To Know About Laverne Cox


Cox has become a household name since she landed her role in
critically acclaimed Netflix series “Orange Is the New Black”.
She’s talented, she’s driven, she’s a passionate LGBT advocate
and she’s blazing a trail for many transgender people with her
career and success. She’s become “the first” in many ways and
we look forward to seeing what other incredible things she will
achieve in the future. Here are 9 facts you need to know about
Laverne Cox.

1. Laverne Cox Before Fame

Cox was born and grew up in Mobile Alabama. Since a very young age,
she knew she was meant to be a woman. She thought that when she grows
up and goes through puberty she will become a woman. It was apparent
to teachers in her school too, but they weren’t exactly supportive.

Laverne Cox’s School Years

was a difficult time for Laverne. She was in 3d grade when her
teacher called her mother and told her “Your son is going to end up
in New Orleans wearing a dress if you don’t get him into therapy
right away.” Her classmates weren’t much more understanding
either, in fact, Laverne was only 11 when she attempted to take her
own life by overdosing on pills because of the lack of understanding
and bullying.

Laverne Cox’s Birth Name

is an openly transgender woman but she knows that it’s not all
transgender people are as open about it because it’s not safe. The
question of birth names is very close to her heart. It’s believed
that it was her interview on deadnaming and what kind of negative and
even dangerous impact that can have on transgender people that made
IMDb change their policy and allow users to delete their birth names
and instead only use their preferred name.

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