9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds

a family dog can be as stressful as it is fun. But there are certain
breeds that were made to take care of kids and will tirelessly
protect your family as much as it will love them. Here are the best
breeds to take home.

Golden Retriever

friendly and sociable all-American favorite is probably the most
common family dog, and one of the sweetest breeds around, bonding
quickly with family members. While most dogs in the retriever family
have these qualities, these guys are some of the most impressive
athletes – they love swimming, running, fetching and playing. They
adore companionship and are perfect for active days with the kids

Golden Retriever | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty


slobber monster isn’t just one of the cutest dogs around, it’s
often referred to as “nature’s babysitter” and can be yours as
well! As huge as they are, they’re very gentle, watchful, patient
and love kids. Infants and grandparents alike will find it hard not
to totally fall head over heels for this pup who can double as your
nanny. Space is essential with this dog, as it can weigh up to a
whopping 150 pounds, and that fluff is no joke.

Newfoundland | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty

3. Bull Terrier

Terriers and pitbulls often get a bad rep for being scary or
aggressive, but that couldn’t be further from the truth. If this is
so, that just means the dog was abused in some way or another. These
loyal dogs are the ultimate companions and have a high threshold for
pain, making it perfect for unruly children. They will fiercely
protect your kids, and also tolerate ear-pulling and other
mischievous behavior with a toothy smile on they face.

Bull Terrier | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty


is another dog that gets a bad reputation for being a former fighter
dog, but that’s yet another myth. when taken care of and nurtured,
these boxers won’t just protect and love your kids, they’ll be
the new comedians of the family. Filled with upbeat charisma and
goofy sweetness, when trained right, these little guys will be your
fearless protectors as well as a provider of laughs. They’re also
short haired and quite easy to maintain.


Boxer | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty

Basset Hound

low-bellied hot dogs are part of the hunting family, and a renowned
family pet. Although they’re genetically hinters, they’re quite
slow paced and lazy, but they’re equally loyal. Along with being
gentle and very affectionate, they can be a bit stubborn and take
some time to train, so if you’re extremely busy, this might not be
the best choice. They usually weight around 50-60 pounds, making them
good for smaller apartments.

Basset Hound | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty

Shih Tzu

dog lovers will fawn over this furry and friendly creature.
Appropriate for kids of all age, Shih Tzu’s don’t need as much energy
as other breeds and are a steadfast companion that loves being close
to their owners at all time. Ideal for city dwellers living in
confined spaces, or those with small children and busy schedules.

Shih Tzu | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty

Mixed breed

commonly referred to as mutts, these dogs are often left behind in
shelters due to their cross breeding, as many people prefer purebred
dogs. However, these dogs are crying out for love and are less high
maintenance than a lot of pure breeds. They also aren’t as prone to
the genetic health condition that pedigree dogs commonly face, which
can rack up a hefty veterinary bill.

Mixed breed | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty


floppy eared little cuties are known for their curious nature and
their love for roaming. Their favorite thing is companionship, and
they adjust well to living with families, even if other pets are in
the household. This is a good choice for active families that don’t
leave their pup alone at home for long periods. If you do, it may
howl excessively and cause some house destruction.

Beagle | 9 of The Best Family Friendly Dog Breeds | Her Beauty

Rhodesian Ridgeback

There’s nothing quite like the comfort of embracing a huge but gentle dog, and anyone who is familiar with the Rhodesian Ridgeback will immediately understand. These noble but lazy dogs don’t bark often, but are very protective over their family and make fiercely loyal guard dogs.

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