9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow


When we talk about Indian fashion we usually imagine traditional wear with sarees, dupattas, kurti, and other beautiful items. Yet modern fashion isn’t limited to that! If you look at Bollywood stars you’ll notice that there’s a huge mixing trend going on. Western style of clothing that is so popular all over the world, including India, gets merged with elegant Indian garments, creating a beautiful new style that is both hip and sophisticated. And not only that, new fashion trends call for experiments, bold fashion statements, and unique colour combinations. Here are 9 fashion tips every Indian girl should follow.

with denim

you follow Sonam Kapoor, you know that the latest trend is merging
traditional Indian wear with denim. It’s comfy, modern, and edgy in
a very sophisticated way. If you’re tired of wearing saree
everywhere or want to wear one, but in a more comfortable way, try
wearing half saree with a pair of jeans. If a Bollywood diva can pull
it off, you can do it, too! It’s all the rage in the fashion world
right now.

Mix with denim | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

your kurti with a skirt

probably never thought of wearing your kurti with something other
than salwaar and churidra, but rest assured kurti looks just as great
with a bold printed skirt. You can also go for a plain kurti and
skirt, pairing it with a gorgeous printed shawl. Throw in some
must-have Indian-style accessories, and you’re good to go!

kurti with a skirt | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

for a fabric jacket

jackets are last century fashion! Now it’s time to rock some of
those gorgeous fabric jackets that come in all shapes, colors, and
styles. Boho jackets, ethnic jackets, jackets with beautiful
embroidery and jackets with crazy prints… there’s so much to try!
Of course, denim jackets are among the coolest and they’re making a
huge comeback as we speak. If you like to wear bold jackets, make
sure the rest of your outfit isn’t too gaudy. Keep it simple!

fabric jacket | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

dhoti pants

you’re looking for a truly modern Desi look, then look no further!
Go to the nearest shop and grab yourself a few pairs of stylish dhoti
pants because they’re hitting the fashion world big right now. From
hip college girls to Bollywood divas and house wives – everyone is
trying out the new style! You can wear them with various tops or
tees, pairing with comfy sneakers or elegant shoes. You can style
them anyway you want!

dhoti pants | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

your dupatta in a different way


hardly an Indian girl out there that doesn’t wear a dupatta. It’s
gorgeous, comfy, and can be combined with either Indian or Western
style clothing. But now it’s time to experiment with this gorgeous
garment! Try wrapping it in a different way and make sure it looks
good with your attire. If you have prints and statement pieces then
it’s best to go for a plain dupatta. If you’re wearing simple
designs, then you can go all the way with an over-the-top dupatta
that will tie the whole look together.

dupatta | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

your kurti as a jacket

kurtis are becoming more versatile and flexible as to what you can
pair them with. If you happen to own a kurti with an open front, it
can easily become a type of jacket! Wear your favourite denims, a
simple top, and that gorgeous kurti of yours. It will look fresh,
unusual, but totally Indian!

Wear your kurti as a jacket | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

your saree game

you can’t imagine your life without a saree but feel you need to
somehow up your game in this department, and then go for the new
printed sarees that have all kinds of designs from playful florals to
stripes and circles. You can also opt for an elegant plain-coloured
saree to keep your look low-key. Add some beautiful accessories to
create a more Bollywood-esque look. Oh, and don’t forget to wear a
crop top instead of saree blouse!

Up your saree game | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

a waist belt

are among those accessories that just never go out of trend. Now it’s
time to get back to high waisted belts. You can pair them with
anything now! Dresses, sarees, kurtis… wear them any way you want
as long as you remember the golden rule – choose an ornamented belt
if your look is casual or basic, go for a simple belt if your look
incorporates prints. Leather belts look really good with boho

Try a waist belt | 9 Fashion Tips Every Indian Girl Should Follow | Her Beauty

with Jhumkas

When we talk about accessories, Jhumkas are widely underestimated. They might have drifted away for a while, but now they’re back with more designs than ever. It’s a must have for any Desi look! Indian fashion has ignored these gorgeous Jhumkas for quite some time, but now they’re making a comeback. Make sure you try the cool-looking tribal designs!

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