9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paris Jackson


Do you know who is
Paris Jackson? She’s Michael Jackson’s only daughter. Few people
know much about her since her father was always very protective of
his children and guarded their privacy a lot. If you want to know how
old is Paris Jackson, how tall is she, where does Paris Jackson live
and what is she like, keep reading. We’ve compiled some pretty
interesting facts about her that you might be interested to find out

1. Family

Paris Jackson is the
only daughter of Michael Jackson. She has two brothers named Michael
Joseph Jackson Jr and Prince Michael Jackson II. While the answer to
the question who is Paris Jackson’s father is quite obvious, not
everyone knows who’s Paris Jackson’s mother. It’s Debbie Rowe.

Family | 9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paris Jackson | Her Beauty

2. Work

Paris Jackson
probably could’ve just lived off the fortune left behind after her
father’s death, but she keeps working. She’s a model signed by the
prestigious IMG agency who represents models like Hadid sisters and
Gisele Bundchen. She also acts in movies and has appeared in Fox
musical series.

Work | 9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paris Jackson | Her Beauty

3. Beliefs

While there have
been many accusations made about her father Paris has never doubted
his innocence. She says that people who accuse him of child
molestation just don’t know what was it like having him as a
father. She thinks he was the best father ever and says he just
wasn’t capable of things he’s been accused of. If people really
knew him they never would’ve even thought something like that.

Beliefs | 9 Facts You Didn’t Know About Paris Jackson | Her Beauty

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