9 Cutest Movie Couples Of The 90s

There were some pretty epic celebrity romances
in the ‘90s, but what we were even more obsessed with were the amazing sparks
of on-screen chemistry. Now, everything feels so forced, but back then, you
totally fell for that unrealistic and whimsical love. As a matter of fact, it
swept you off your feet. Here are our favorite movie couples from the best era
of rom-coms our world has ever seen.

1. Rose & Jack, The Titanic

The Titanic is, and will always be, one of the greatest love stories of our time. It surpasses all of its lighthearted rom-com competitors, mostly because who can compete with a young Leonardo DiCaprio? It has everything our young hearts desired: a chase, lust, a luxurious boat, and streaming tears as we watched Rose’s love slip away from her. Let’s be real – every girl who watched that movie wanted the big ol’ sapphire and dreamed about it at some point.

2. Kat & Patrick, 10 Things I Hate About

RIP to Heath Ledger, the finest faux teenager a
romantic comedy has ever seen. The love story in 10 things I Hate About You
was one none of us could forget. The bad boy from the other side of the tracks
and the Valedictorian good girl ending up together? It’s a fantasy we’ve all
had, plus, a forward-thinking depiction of single dads.

3. Laney & Zack, She’s All That

While we’re still on the fence about Laney
Boggs turning beautiful because she dresses provocatively, lets her hair down,
and takes off her glasses, it’s still hard to not fall for this classic
romantic comedy trope. Hot popular guy makes a bet over nerdy girl who is not
interested in his advances. Hot guy gets nerdy girl to fall for him makes her
over into the perfect prom queen. Hot guy actually falls in love with nerdy
girl when she turns into a hot girl, just in time for her to find out about
said bet. Sigh. We’ll admit it – we’re basic.

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