9 Books By Women Of Color To Read Right Now

A book is a cozy escape from the real world that we all need once in a while. And something we don’t talk much about representation in literature. We’re all about cuddling up with some hot cocoa and a captivating read. 

And yet, so many bookstores still only stock books by white dudes, leaving no room for the marginalized writers that have so much to say. It’s time to diversify your reading list with these talented authors. Down with the patriarchy – the future is female and multiracial. 

 1. Such a Fun Age, Kiley Reid

This is a mind-blowing story of white privilege, transactional relationships, and how good intentions sometimes just aren’t enough. An African-American babysitter takes care of a white feminist blogger’s child. It’s all dandy until someone accuses the babysitter of kidnapping the child she cares for by a racist. You will dive into the world of micro-aggressions and loaded actions and learn a lot from it. It’s not always comfortable to read, but there’s a perfect amount of humor to lighten things up. 

2. Red at the Bone, Jacqueline Woodson

Here, we meet two Black families with completely different backgrounds. What brings them together? A surprise high school pregnancy with heavy Romeo and Juliet vibes. Although the plot centers on the new generation ( the daughter of that pregnant high school teen) it’s a multigenerational tale layered with complex perspectives and struggles. You’ll get invested in these characters quickly, with themes of perseverance, strength, and sheer survival. 

3. The Other Americans, Laila Lalami

Lalami’s book has won awards, and as soon as you turn the first page you’ll see why. The plot revolves around the death of an immigrant from Morocco, and how his family is affected. Along with his jazz musician daughter and a wife who just wants to go back to their home country, we also meet other characters who are connected in unusual ways, beyond the supposed divides of race and religion. There’s crime, there’s romance, and some profound comments about America. 

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