8 Unique New Year’s Eve Ideas for You and Your Best Friends

Christmas is over and you’re kind of ready for winter to be over too. But there’s still New Year’s and most of us feel the pressure to do something big and special for the occasion of one year ending and the next one starting. This year we thought we’d give you some good suggestions on how to celebrate New Year’s so you don’t have to stress about it. Here you’ll find both fancy and very chill options, because the most important thing is to enjoy yourself, be it in bed in your pajamas or at the fanciest wildest party of the year.

1. Fireworks
This is a no brainer. Getting together with friends to watch the fireworks outside is always a good idea. Grab a bottle of champagne with you to pop at midnight and toast to the New Year. And since it’s a big event there will be lots of people doing the same thing, so it’s a great way to meet some new people and start the year by making new friends.


2. Bar Crowl
In most cases, no matter how we celebrate it, we all end the year by getting phenomenally drunk and waking up thinking “that’s it, I’m never drinking again”. That’s what starts our list of New Year’s resolutions. So why resist it when you can make it a part of the plan. Just sign up for a local New Year’s bar crawl.

3. Glam Up
Getting all glammed up can be a lot of fun and New Year’s Eve is a great occasion for it. Get all dressed up with your friends and take a bunch of pictures and end the year in style. This is perfect for both a themed glam house party or a night out on the town.

4. Host A Dinner
Cooking a big meal with your friends can be a great way to spend New Year’s Eve. Open a bottle of wine, get talking while you all cook together and countdown to New Year’s while having a great home cooked meal.

5. Go On A Trip
Get your best friends and just get away for New Year’s. Find a good deal online and just go abroad. If you live in a warm climate – this is a great time to go to a snowy place, if you live in a colder climate – go and have a freaky New Year’s Even on the beach. It’ll be your most memorable New Year’s Eve, me promise.

6. Time Capsule
A very nice and low key think to do with your friends for New Year’s Eve is to create a time capsule. You can spend the night talking about what how this year has been, take little things that remind you of special events that happened in your life, put it all in a box and bury it in the backyard. Or you could interview each other about the most memorable things of the year and what you expect from the next year.

7. Movies
Did you know that cinemas actually work on New Year’s Eve? That’s right, you can celebrate in a very low key way by going to see a fun movie. Alternatively, host a movie marathon at home. Make microwave popcorn, order pizza, Chinese, have some drinks and watch your favorite movies all night.

8. Set Goals
If you want to do something both fun and productive for New Year’s Eve you can get together with your best friends and make a plan for what you want to achieve next year. Set goals, tell each other about your plans, write down resolutions. Go all out with the ambience and light some candles, burn some incense. Maybe do some fun rituals like writing your wishes on a piece of paper, lighting it on fire and dropping into your champagne as the clock strikes midnight.

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