8 Tips for Being a Best Friend Forever

Having a BFF looks easy in the movies. You just magically click with the person, you like the same things, you hate the same things, you stay friends forever – it’s that easy, right? Not really. You might just click with a person at first, but staying BFFs actually requires work. You have to keep up with them, find time to see them on a regular basis, make sure you stay in each other’s lives, etc. So here’s a little cheat sheet to remember how to be BFFs.

1. Be Proactive About Seeing Each Other
No matter if you live right around the corner from each other or in opposite ends of the city – you have to make sure you see each other. How else are you gonna keep that friendship going? The important thing here is that both of you make sure to set aside time for each other. It can be something as small as extra 15 minutes to grab a coffee together before work or a biweekly girls night out.


2. Be Honest With Each Other
The whole point of being BFFs is that you get to have a person in your life that will support you but also tell you the truth without sugarcoating it when it’s needed. So you have to be honest with each other. No lies allowed.

3. Cheer Each Other Up
When the chips are down and you’re at the end of your rope – that’s where the BBF comes in. You’re supposed help each other see the bright side of life. Whether one of you is going through a breakup, or just struggling with stress at work – your BFF will help you deal and remind you that this too shall pass and there’s good times ahead.

4. No Secrets From BFFs
When you feel like there are things you can’t tell anyone, your family won’t understand, your partner just won’t get it – your BFF is the one to share them with. That’s what best friends are for. They always have your back.

5. You Accept Each Other For Who You Are
Listen, there’s no guarantee you’ll find a perfectly charming and gorgeous Mark Darcy who likes you just the way you are, but you can be a version of him for your BFF. You accept each other with all your flaws and imperfections and don’t try to change each other into some weird perfect version of a human.

6. Text or Call Them Back
You know how annoying it can be to be left of read, it drives people insane. So never do that to your BFF. Answer right away if you’re not actually busy. And watching Netflix or YouTube doesn’t qualify as “busy”.

7. Forget About Jealousy
Jealousy isn’t something that should be present in a BFF relationship. You should be happy for each other’s success, be it a promotion at work or a fitness journey success. Being jealous of something in your friend’s life is ridiculous, it implies you don’t want them to be happy or that you think they don’t deserve it. That’s not very BFF of you, is it?

8. Don’t Compete With Each Other
Some people will say that a little competition might be a good idea, but when BBFs are concerned that’s just not true. Why would you compete with each other? That can become very toxic very quickly. Instead you should just urge each other to do your best and celebrate when you reach your goals.

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