8 Sizzling Celebrity Swimsuit Lines To Try This Summer

Celebrities have a habit of looking great no matter what they wear, don’t they? This includes all kinds of amazing dresses, impossible clothing combinations, and, of course, swimsuits. It’s true that they work out a lot to make their bodies look good, but they also know what type of swimsuit they should put on to complement their curves (or complete lack of such). Naturally, many of these celebs have started their own swimsuit lines to help other women look gorgeous as well. Here are 8 sizzling celebrity swimsuit lines you should definitely try this summer.

Emily Ratajkowski
Emily Ratajkowski knows a thing or two about swimsuits as she’s spend most of her childhood and teenage years in San Diego. Her Inamorata Swim line is versatile and focuses on various designs ranging from elegant one-piece delights to flirty bikinis with frills.

Kendall and Kylie Jenner
You have to give it to the Kardashian clan – they certainly know how to show off their bodies the best way possible. That’s why Kendall and Kylie Jenner’s swimsuit line Kendall + Kylie features all kinds of swimsuit designs from classy one-piece treats to revealing sporty bikinis that would look good only if you’re rocking a toned body. Either way, their collection is definitely worth checking out!


Ashley Graham
Being a plus size model, it was important for Ashley Graham to create a special swimsuit line for curvy women. Her Swimsuits for All deals with modest one-piece designs as well as daring bikinis – and both look equally good on her! If you are looking for interesting patterns and elegant lines, then this swimsuit line is your best choice.


Joan Smalls
Joan Smalls has been a professional model for the most part of her life and has tried wearing every swimsuit style there is. With her mom being a curvy woman, Joan wanted to create a swimsuit line for all shapes and sizes that would still look beautiful and feminine. She collaborated with Ariela & Associates and created her own line, Smart & Sexy, in 2018.


Kate Hudson
Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has been around for quite some time now, gaining fame with its comfortable and good-looking athleisure style. Apart from yoga pants, sportswear, and leggings, Fabletics has started designing equally gorgeous swimsuits that both look and fit amazing. Kate Hudson is doing a great job!


Carrie Underwood
We didn’t know what to expect from Carrie Underwood’s Calia by Carrie, but it turned out to be a successful swimsuit line with a distinct sporty feel and dozens of cute designs for all shapes and sizes. If you are more into athleisure-wear and despise all those frills and carefree patterns, then check out what Carrie Underwood has in store for you.


Jessica Simpson
It seems that lately Jessica Simpson has been more into fashion than acting career, and looking at her Jessica Simpson Collection we totally support that choice! She’s creating clothing and swimsuits that look amazing, but are still affordable to the majority of women. Her swimsuit line includes breathtaking one-pieces with dramatic lines as well as playful bikinis and tropical patterns.


Heidi Klum
You can hardly find a more experienced swimsuit model than Heidi Klum – she’s tried everything and managed to look good in it! That’s why we were eager to see what kinds of swimsuits she featured in her Heidi Klum Swim brand, and boy, we weren’t disappointed at all. As an experienced model she’s included both modest and revealing designs, and as a woman she made each model look incredibly elegant and classy. Whatever design you choose, it’s a win-win!

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