8 Reasons To Stay Single Through Your 20s


As humans most of us crave companionship. We want to have someone to spend our time with, to share our views and opinions, watch movies and go on adventures. And a lot of people think that the best person for that is a boyfriend or a girlfriend. Which is why a lot of people jump into serious relationships too quickly. But I’m here to tell you that staying single in your 20’s might be the best thing for you in the long run, and here are 8 reasons why.

1. Figure Yourself Out
Nobody knows themselves that well in their 20’s. You’re still forming as a person, so it’s best to use this time to truly figure yourself out, find out what you really like and what you really detest without being influenced by another person. This way, you’ll be more ready for a relationship later on, and will know what you’re looking for in other people. Trust me, this will allow you to avoid a lot of bad relationships and heartbreak.


2. Focus On Education
Your 20s is a great time to focus on education. At this time you’re not yet burdened with work and family and all these other responsibilities. You have a lot of time to pursue your interests, try out different things, gain a lot of theoretical knowledge and even some real experience, which will really come in handy later when you start building a career. Sign up for as many courses, internships and master-classes as you want. You won’t have time for it later on in life, you don’t want to miss this opportunity.

3. Build A Career
Your 20s is also a great time to focus on your career. Figure out where you want to see yourself in a couple of years and move towards that goal without the distraction of a new relationship. Trust me, you will thank yourself later, when you’re a CEO of a company, living the good life.

4. Build A Support Network of Friends
Boyfriends and girlfriends come and go, but real friendship is forever. Use this time to build a good support network of people that will be there when you need them. Also, networking is key these days, so make sure to meet as many people as possible, you never know what opportunities they will bring you.

5. Experiment
Experiment with your looks, your fashion, your sexuality. No one said that if you’re not in a relationship you should become a nun. Instead experiment as much as you can and explore yourself and your body. Figure out what you like and what makes you tick. This will be very helpful once you decide you want a relationship. It’ll be of great aid when looking for a prospective partner.

6. Save Money For Yourself
Listen, it might sound overly pragmatic, but relationships often require spending a lot of money. All those nights out, pizzas, dates, drinks, they cost money and it all adds up to pretty hefty sum. And no one really has that much spare money in their 20’s, so why not save your dimes while you can and spend them on yourself instead of on someone else. Once you start a family you’ll barely even think about spending money on yourself, so enjoy it while you can.

7. Be Spontaneous
Your 20s is the best time to be spontaneous, which isn’t an easy thing to do when you constantly have to take someone into consideration. Being single allows you the freedom to do whatever you whenever you want without having to think about anyone else but you. Go to that concert, see that movie, move to another place, it’s your time.

8. Travel
Traveling already required a lot of planning, and if you’re in a relationship it becomes twice as hard, because you have to work around their schedule. But if you’re single you can travel whenever you wish and to any corner of the world, without having to worry about anyone. You can hop on a plane to Paris and then change your mind and go to Spain if you want, who’s going to stop you? Plus you get to meet a lot more new people on the way.

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