8 Interesting Facts to Know About Mikayla Nogueira

If you haven’t heard of Mikayla Nogueira by now, you should have. This up and coming content creator is taking TikTok by storm. She is a beauty influencer that specializes in producing content that is raw and unfiltered. Even though she does try out current beauty trends, her raw content makes Mikayla a different kind of beauty influencer because she does not subscribe to typical beauty standards. Only in her early 20s, Mikayla is already establishing an astonishing brand for herself. But how much do you really know about this social media guru? If you are ready to learn more about this TikTok connoisseur, check out these 8 interesting facts to know about Mikayla Nogueira. 

Mikayla’s videos are intentionally unpolished

Because of her views on what is relatable, Mikayla make sure that her beauty videos are raw and authentic. “People don’t relate to scripted videos,” Nogueira said. “That’s not real life. I just want to be real life.” She once said in a video that she was going to create “perfect look for going to Olive Garden.”

Mikayla has a Boston accent

22-year-old Mikayla was born in Boston, Massachusetts on June 13, 1988. She is known for her raw Boston accent in her videos. It gives her an edge and flair that defines her brand. 

She has a lot of followers on her social media presence

Mikayla has accounts on both TikTok and Instagram. Combining these two platforms, she has millions of followers. They love to take her advice and perspective on products and different looks. 

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