8 Gift Ideas For Your Fashionista Girlfriend Bestie

Buying gifts isn’t always a one-size-fits all situation. Especially for the fashion-forward, who might not be so happy with that Walmart onesie. Here are some fool-proof ideas that will put a smile on any fashionista’s face.

1. Grace: A Memoir
People might know Anna Wintour as the famous dragon behind Vogue, but the fire-headed Grace Coddington was just as influential, if not more, as the creative director of the magazine. She was just a bit more laid-back about it all.


2. A Vintage Bag
Going designer really ups the ante, but if you can’t afford name-brand, try your local vintage shop and opt for a leather backpack or timeless purse. Sites like farfetch.com also offer online options.

3. Personal Stylist Courses
Tools like the Style Coaching Institute or a bevy of other institutions can teach your fashionista how to translate her passion for fashion in the real world, and create her outfits with ease.

4. Man Repeller: Seeking Love. Ending Overalls
This now famous blogger and coveted icon in the fashion industry wrote a book on how her fashion style led to the demise of her love life, and she takes us through memories that led to her sartorial choices, with a good dose of sass.

5. Tech Friendly Cashmere Gloves
Cashmere gloves are always chic, especially in camel tone or black. And of course, she needs to gram her cute accessories while she’s wearing them, so tech friendly is a must.

6. Short Pajama Set
Traditional pajamas might look like something out of your grandpa’s wardrobe, but short and sexy pajama sets are in style, and even we want a pair! Try a look with contrast piping and an asymmetrical top, like this look.

7. Kodak Instant Photo Printer
What’s the good of having incredibly on-point style if there’s not way to document it? Help your friend’s fashion sense live on eternally, while satisfying our society’s need for instant gratification.

8. Limited-Edition Chanel N°5
A classic perfume, like the Limited-Edition Chanel N°5 Fragrance. A woman’s scent is essential, and this is one that spells out classy. Afterwards, she can tout the empty bottle on her vanity.

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