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8 Foods You Should Be Eating More in The Winter

Winter is a magical time for some and a terrible time for others. If you’re lucky you feel excited for snow, ice-skating and making snowmen. However, there’s a lot of people who fill with dread at the first signs of winter. They just feel cold and exhausted and sad all the time during this season. But the bright side is that you can fix that by eating certain foods. It’s all got to do with getting the right vitamins and nutrients. Let’s take a look at what foods you should be eating more in the winter to feel good.

1. Blueberries
Blueberries are champions when it comes to antioxidants, which are incredibly good for you. They basically help you get rid of toxins and rebuild your cells. So if you have the chance – get fresh blueberries and make them a breakfast staple at your house. Frozen blueberries are a good option too and they’re usually cheaper than the fresh ones.


2. Quinoa
We tend to really go for carbs in the winter and it makes sense. Carbs make us happy. But instead of going for simple carbs like pasta or bread, we suggest you go for whole grains, complex carbs. They won’t spike your insulin levels and will keep you full longer. Quinoa is a perfect choice.

3. Citrus Fruits
Citrus fruits are an essential part of a healthy winter diet. They’re full of vitamin C and they make your immune system stronger. Plus there’s so much choice here, you really can’t go wrong. Lemons, oranges, grapefruits, clementines – they’re all good for you, yet the flavors are so different you can really pick ones that you love most.

4. Bell Peppers
Speaking of vitamin C, we usually mention it when talking about oranges or lemons but bell peppers actually contain three times the amount of vitamin C in comparison to citrus fruits. So you know, if citrus fruits are not your cup of tea, you can always count on bell pepper to provide you with immunity boosting vitamin C.

5. Ginger
Ginger is generally a very healthy thing to eat. It’s got immunity boosting properties and it aids digestion. It’s basically magic for your gut health, so stock up on it in the winter. It’s always better to have fresh ginger root instead of the dried spice.

6. Bananas
When you’re feeling down, which might be often in the winter – it’s always better to reach for a banana instead of a cookie. It’ll boost you happy hormones just as well as a chocolate treat, but it’ll actually have good vitamins and good nutritional value, unlike most sugary treats.

7. Broccoli
For some reason lots of people dislike broccoli, but that’s just childish. It’s a great vegetable you should definitely be eating more of. Especially in the winter. It’s full of vitamin C and can help you fight off and prevent colds and flus. I mean seriously, what’s not to like here?

8. Root Vegetables
Root vegetables are perfect for winter. They’re seasonal for winter so they’ll be cheap, but they’re also full of vitamins and minerals your body craves in the winter. Carrots will provide you with beta-carotene, beets are full of iron and vitamin A and C, and even potatoes are good for you because they’ve got vitamin C and B6.

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