8 Fancy Dates Where You Can Wear a Gown

grade school, there are several memorable occasions that give call
for formal attire. These magical moments seem to fade as we grow
older, usually with no prom or semi-formals to go to as adults. This
can leave little opportunity to get dolled up and wear fancy dresses.
The fun and glamour of wearing sophisticated gowns and dresses can
seem totally obsolete as we grow up into adulthood. But did you know
you can still find a good excuse to play dress up and have an
enchanting night out. You could get a new dress for these occasions,
or even whip out your old prom dress if you’re lucky. If you’re
ready for more glitz and glam in your life, check out these fancy
date ideas where you can wear a gown. 


else’s wedding is the perfect time to wear a fancy dress,
especially if the wedding is super formal. With a black-tie wedding,
just about any style of formal dress with work perfect. The only
general rule is not to wear anything more bridal than the bride, so
try to avoid white, cream or ivory colored dresses.


of the most formal settings that is still in existence today is the
opera. As it was a century ago, going to the theatre is still a
high-end occasion that requires formal attire many times. So that old
dress collecting dust in the back of your wardrobe can finally get
some use.


date night with your significant other is a perfect time to get
dolled up. A 5-star restaurant will expect, and sometimes even
require, formal attire. You can feel fancy and fabulous at a fancy
eatery in a classy gown. 


events are always great opportunities to dress up and make a good
impression. Many celebs and socialites attend charity events like
balls, galas and black-tie dinners, and they always dress to impress.
You will be in good company wearing a formal gown to a charity


Year’s Eve

is something magical about New Year’s Eve. Unlike other holidays
that are known for wacky themed costumes or decorations, it is pretty
common for those celebrating New Year’s Eve to get glammed up with
fancy dresses and suits. This is truly a holiday wear partying in
style and class is the standard. 


are known for having a certain caliber of wardrobe, ranging from
business casual to red-carpet attire as well.  Either as a
contestant or as an attendee, a pageant is another great occasion for
wearing a fancy gown. 


a blast to the past, take a carriage ride on a nice, romantic
evening. You can relive the days of old with a beautiful, fancy gown
and gorgeous date by your side. 

Jazz Club

When club hopping, most typical club goers wear a bit more risque attire. But jazz clubs have a more swanky, sophisticated air in the atmosphere, which means you can definitely sport a chic gorgeous dress. 

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