8 Facts You Should Know About Bella Hadid

It seems that Bella Hadid became a household name out of the blue, stunning the fashion world with her striking beauty and charming character. We aren’t sure how it happened, but from modest fashion runways and a knack for social media a new star was born – smart, beautiful, and fresh. But how much do we really know about this fashion icon? Here are 8 facts you should know about Bella Hadid.

She’s blonde

Usually natural blondes want to showcase their hair as much as possible, but that is not the case with Bella Hadid. Her sister, Gigi Hadid, has same lustrous golden locks, so Bella decided to get a darker shade to stand out more. And that worked like magic! Her beauty became even more prominent and memorable.

She’s an equestrian

Can you believe that Bella Hadid almost went for the Olympics to compete in horse-riding? That’s right, her family has been living on a ranch for over 10 years and, according to the model, she learned how to ride before she could even walk! The Lyme disease made her drop all those plans, but her riding skills are unmatched.

Her middle name

Bella is of Dutch-Palestinian origin and her middle name is Khair. It can roughly be translated as ‘compassionate’ from Arabic. Gigi liked her sister’s middle name so much that she even named a lipstick shade after her! It’s a red lipstick that was released in a partnership with Maybelline. Red is also Bella’s favourite lip colour!

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