8 Date Night Outfits That Will Blow His Mind


What to wear on a date? This is a question every girl asks herself before going out. Most of the time it seems like we have a closet brimming with clothes, but there’s nothing appropriate to wear to a romantic date. So let’s talk about some wardrobe staples that are always a great choice for a date and as a bonus are guarantees to blow his mind and keep his eyes only on you.

1. Little Black Dress
This is a no brainer. Every girl should have a little black dress in her wardrobe. It’s a life-saver for many occasions. Think about it – it’s a perfect choice for weddings, funerals, theater outings, fancy events and birthday parties. It really works for anything, and it work especially well for a date night. The magic of the little black dress is in its unique ability to highlight your best features and hide the things you might want to conceal. Just pick the right style of it and you’re golden.


2. A Lacy Top
A lacy top can change any outfit into a classy one. Even if you’re wearing some ripped jeans and a cardigan, throw a lacy top or a lace camisole under it and your outfit will immediately look more feminine and classy.

3. Off Shoulder Sweater
If it’s cold outside and you don’t want to freeze in a thin little top, but also don’t want to look frumpy in a big sweater, wear an off shoulder sweater. It’ll keep you warm and cozy, while also showcasing your shoulders and drawing attention to your neck. It’s a great option for the colder months.

4. Striped Off The Shoulder Dress
If it’s warm outside – an off the shoulder stripy dress is a great option if you don’t know where you’re going for a date. It’s casual enough for a picnic in the park or a visit to the movies, but it will also work for a dinner at a restaurant or a cup of coffee in the local cafe.

5. Bodycon Skirt
If you’ve got the body for it – go for a bodycon skirt. It always does a great job getting the guy’s attention. You can go all out by wearing it with a tight top, but you can also make it a bit more casual with a loose sweater.

6. Skinny Jeans
Yes, we know mom jeans are very popular at the moment, but if you’re going on a date – skinny jeans might work better. They show off your figure much better. Plus, they’re pretty versatile. You can wear them for a casual night out with some converse and a fun top, or pair them with heels and a blouse for a fancy restaurant date.

7. Red Dress
It’s a bold choice but it works. The important thing is to find a red dress that makes you feel comfortable. If you love bodycon dresses – this will work like magic. If you’re more of a skater dress girl, or perhaps you like maxi dresses – it’ll work just as well, because the bold color of the dress will definitely make you stand out and do all the work for you.

8. A Touch of Flirty Floral
A little pattern never killed anyone, and a flirty floral shirt or even a floral jacket can add a fun playful element to your outfit. But don’t go crazy, there’s no need to wear a ton of patterns at once. Just one item at a time is enough, it’ll definitely make an impression on the guy.

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