8 Chic Costume Ideas for Halloween 2020

Halloween is just around the corner, so it’s time to look at the most gorgeous and chic costumes for the upcoming festivity. This year hasn’t seen a whole lot of new movies and TV shows, but there are quite a few iconic looks to choose from. Starting with classy outfits of Harley Quinn, Batwoman, and Black Widow and ending with creepy looks of Sabrina the Witch and Sister Night from Watchmen, here are 8 chic costume ideas for Halloween 2020.

Harley Quinn (Birds of Prey)

She’s chic, stylish, punky, and a bit crazy. This means you can go all the way and embrace the punk chic vibe – it will be fun and totally worth all the efforts!

Moira Rose (Schitt’s Creek)

If you don’t mind rocking a glam look from the best comedy show of the year, then go ahead and transform into glamorous Moira Rose from Schitt’s Creek. Create a glamorous over-the-top look wearing a black fringe skirt, a white shirt, and a leather jacket. Throw in some chic sunglasses and a large neckpiece for a complete look.

Batwoman (Batwoman)

If you’re into strong female characters and like to wear black with red, then Batwoman is a perfect character for you. It’s also a great opportunity to dye your hair bright red! Otherwise, you can just look for a pretty red wig for your cool Halloween look. For a perfect Batwoman look you will need a black mask and a long-sleeved jumpsuit with some red accessories.

Sister Night (Watchmen)

Her costume is simple, yet striking – you’ll need a long cape with a large hood, a black face-mask, a white top, and a long black skirt to finish the look.


Catherine the Great (The Great)

Elle Fanning was truly stunning in the quirky and edgy satiric drama The Great. You have a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to be the most Halloween-appropriate girl ever! Storm the thrift shops for a cool historic-looking dress or go for a bright pink ball gown paired with a striking hairpiece and some faux fur to create a truly stunning Halloween look.

Hope Mikaelson (Legacies)

Hope’s look from the Legacies TV show is very easy to recreate as all you’ll need is a red cape with a big hood and some red accessories to finish the look.

Camille Washington (Hollywood)

Camille from Ryan Murphy’s latest show Hollywood is a chic girl who looks like a real superstar. Put on a gorgeous gold dress, some red lipstick, and don’t forget the classy Hollywood-inspired wavy hairdo!

Emma Green (Away)

If you like Hilary Swank and all things space-related, then you must have already seen Away on Netflix. Swank plays Emma Green, an astronaut working for NASA, who leaves Earth with the first ever expedition to Mars. This is your opportunity to wear an actual spacesuit! Order it online or put your craft skills to the test.

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