8 Best Colors To Wear For New Year’s Eve


“What to wear for New Year’s Eve? “– it’s an age-old question. Every year we ask ourselves the same thing and it’s not like it makes a huge difference, but we still care. It also seems like every year the color scheme changes and you keep seeing people wearing similar colors. The color scheme might be dictated by a couple of things. Some people choose their outfits based on what’s trendy that year, or what’s the Pantone color of the year. Others go by traditionally festive holiday colors, and some choose to pick their outfits according to which colors are considered to be lucky according to the Chinese calendar that year. We thought we’d cover you an all accounts and tell you all the options for this year.

1. Classic Blue

It has been announced that the Pantone color of 2020 will be Classic Blue. So by choosing a blue dress, you will essentially be investing in your wardrobe for the next year. Coincidentally blue is one of the lucky colors for 2020 according to the Chinese calendar. It’s supposed to represent healing, trust, optimism and growth.

2. Green

While green is one of the classic Christmas colors, it’s also a lucky color for the year of rat 2020. In China green represents wealth, balance, harmony and fertility. So if that’s something you’re striving for – go ahead and wear green on New Year’s. These days it’s also associated with being eco-friendly, so you basically can’t lose.

3. Gold

Gold can also symbolize wealth, but not only financial but also emotional. It’s a festive color that’s widely used for celebrations and it’s really easy to add a bit of gold to any outfit with accessories or a pair of gold heels.

4. Purple

Purple usually is synonymous with noble. It stands for dignity and abundance. It’s also quite a royal color. So if you want to feel like a queen – definitely go for purple, it’s especially cool when textured, so a velvet or corduroy outfit will look smashing in purple.


5. Burgundy

Another deep and royal color, burgundy is a great choice for New Years. It symbolizes ambition, wealth and power. And you know it’s way more sophisticated than just red. However, it’s still a shade of red so it can symbolize love too.

6. Silver

Silver is a popular choice for New Year’s, after all, it’s still winter, there might be snow, and metallic colors are very much in. Plus, can you even think of a more festive color than silver? You’ll blend in with the festive tinsel and confetti, and isn’t that what New Year is all about?

7. Yellow

Yellow is the most optimistic color out there, and if you want to feel like a little ray of sunshine at the New Year party – you should wear yellow. You’ll immediately brighten up the room and people will compliment you on your bright outfit.

8. White

White like the snow is also a good look for New Years. White color symbolizes hope and a new beginning. And that’s what most of us wish for every year, don’t we? For all last year’s troubles to go away and to be able to start anew.

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