8 Actresses You Had No Idea Were Child Stars


There are actresses today that we applaud for their ability to bring to life characters in movies and in episodic TV series. Some may wonder where they got this talent for performing on camera. For few actors, we can travel back in time and find they had time to develop their skills set through childhood gigs. Here’s a list of 8 actresses you had no idea were child stars.

Jessica Alba

Jessica Alba appeared in The Secret World of Alex Mack and Chicago Hope at the bright age of 13 years old when her career started. Who knew she would be such a huge name in the industry after playing these roles at such a young age? Check out these performances to see how far she’s come since 1994.

Kristen Stewart

Twilight star Kristen Stewart started off her acting career early as well. You can catch her early work in Panic Room, Speak and Catch That Kid. Though, many can agree she found a breakthrough from starring in the Twilight Saga.

Diane Lane

Diane Lane — the beautiful star that we all know and love-began acting in 1979 in A little Romance at just 14 years old. You can also find some of her early work in A Walk on the Moon. Quickly climbing to fame in her latest work with House of Cards, I’m sure we will continue to see her work.

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