7 Wardrobe Lessons Kate Middleton Has Learned As A Royal

Kate Middleton or Catherine, Duchess of Cambridge, these days is seen as the perfect wife and a great example of how one eased beautifully into the royal family and took on the new traditions and responsibilities and other peculiarities of royal life in stride. But it hasn’t always been like that. While Kate has been dating William for years before he proposed and had more time to get used to his family and their unusual ways, she still wasn’t quite on board with a few things that only the royals really have to be very careful and obsessive about. Here are some lessons she’s learned over the years.

1. Know When To Replace An Item Of Clothing

Kate definitely had her favourites when it came to brands of clothing and shoes and would wear certain things over and over. It was particularly obvious with a pair of boots that she loves. But after it was pointed out in the papers a few times that her shoes were in less than perfect condition she learned to replace them for a new pair before they started looking worn down.

2. Buy Multiples Of The Same Outfit

This goes hand in hand with the previous lesson if you have a few of the same thing you can wear interchangeably and have the item still look good for ages. It’s also a great solution for favourite dresses. You can buy the same model that fits like a glove in multiple colors and have a perfect outfit for any occasion without having to spend ages thinking of what to wear.

3. Taylor Things To Fit With The Dress Code

Kate has a way more modern sense of style than the Queen, for example, and that means she might like certain designer dresses. However, modern designer dresses often have no sleeves, cut-outs and short skirts, which are all a big no-no for royals. But Kate found a way to still enjoy certain designer things by simply having them changed a little to fit her style, whether that means adding sleeves or making the skirt longer. And of course, that’s way easier to do when you’re a member of the royal family and can just contact the designer and ask them to make the changes.

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