7 Things You Need to Do Now to Prepare for Winter

Some of you might be making last minute preparations for Thanksgiving but quite a few of you have probably started be countdowns to Christmas. We all know what that means. Winter is coming. Whether you love it and can’t wait for snow or hate it with every fiber of your being one thing is for sure – it’s gonna get cold. The temperatures will continue to drop and every morning getting out of bed will be harder. However there are a couple of things you can do around your home in advance to prepare for winter, which will make your life easier and better in the long run.

1. Prepare Your Winter Bedding
You might still be fooling yourself and sleeping with a regular comforter, but let’s be real. It’s getting cold and you don’t want to wake up one night, at 4 am, freezing and have to find your warm winter bedding and blankets in the middle of the night. Do it now. Take it out from the back of your closet or from the high shelf, maybe do a round of laundry so it’s all fresh and not dusty from sitting somewhere in the back all year. Make your bed all warm and cosy and ready for winter. Find all your quilts and comforters and blankets too, and keep them close, at the foot of the bed. Just in case it gets especially chilly one night.

2. Get New Winter Pajamas and Leisurewear
You might still be getting away with an oversized T-shirt and leggings right now but that’ll change before you know it. The cold will creep in soon. So make sure you have nice warm pajamas and a comfy sweatpants and a hoodie for daytime chilling at home. Another thing you might want to get is a nice warm robe to wear in the morning, or maybe a comfy oversized cardigan to throw on while you cook yourself that first cup of coffee in the morning while your whole home feels like the North Pole.


3. Sort Out Your Wardrobe
As much as I love fall – it’s a transitional season. Yes, we’ve started wearing jumpers and scarves and coats, but sometimes we can still get away with a t-shirt and cardigan. But it’s the middle of November. It’s time to get your warm stuff out. And make it the centerpoint of your wardrobe. Put away your summer sundresses and shorts to the back of the closet or into storage if you still haven’t. You can leave a couple of t-shorts if you want, but most of that stuff has got to go. It’s time for cosy sweaters, cardigans, wooly jumpers and warm socks. If you’re anything like me it’s time to buy some new thick winter tights too, the more DEN the better.



4. Consider Buying Thermals
If you aren’t a fan of big sweaters and don’t want to feel like a snowman in your winter clothes – consider buying some good thermal underwear. They’re usually quite thin and look like leggins and a top. You can easily wear them under your normal clothes without anyone noticing, but still feel warm without having to wear bulky clothes. Let people wonder how you’re not freezing in your cool coat that you’ve left open, while they’re wearing 3 scarves and a puffer jacket and still struggling to stay warm.


5. Get Your iPhone Winter Ready
I don’t know how other phones deal with low temperature, but iPhones just tend to die as soon as it gets cold. You leave the house with 98% battery and within 10 minutes it drops to 10% and promptly turns off. I know it’s not just me. So get yourself a battery phone case or invest into 2 decent power banks and keep them in your purse on rotation. You don’t want to be left without a working phone in the cold.


6. Chapstick and Hand Cream
Go into a drugstore and buy yourself multiple tiny chapsticks and hand cream miniatures. Keep one of each in every handbag, backpack, coat that you have. You’ll need it. It’s not even a question, it’s not one of those “just in case” situations, it’s just a fact – you’ll need these things and you’ll be relieve that you always have them on hand.


7. Get Your Pet Winter Ready
If you have a dog, make sure you buy them booties or little jackets for their walks when it gets real cold. You don’t want them to get frostbite. If you have a cat – get them a warm little blanket or a one of those soft houses or cat beds they can curl up in and keep warm, especially if you have drafts in your home. If you don’t – they’ll sleep on your face. Literally.

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