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7 Health Benefits of Salmon

one of the most nutritious foods on Earth, salmon is packed with many
health benefits. Salmon is so powerful that it can even reduce the
risk of several diseases. It’s versatility and delicious taste
makes it an easy addition to incorporate into your standard diet. If
you are looking for a new variety of fish to add to your weekly or
monthly meal prep, check out these 7 amazing health benefits of

source of Omega-3

is one of the best sources of omega-3 fatty acids, including EPA and
DHA. In just one 3.5 ounce portion of wild caught salmon, you benefit
from 2.3 grams of omega-3 fatty acids. DHA and EPA omega-3 fatty
acids have been linked to reduced risk of cancer, decreased
inflammation and blood pressure, and improved cell function. 

Great source of Omega-3 | 7 Health Benefits of Salmon | Her Beauty

with protein

as important as omega-3’s is protein, and salmon is a great source
of it as well. Protein can aid the body in healing after injuries,
maintaining muscle mass and increasing bone health. Its recommended
that each meal of the day should contain at least 20 grams of
protein, which is provided by a standard serving of salmon.

Packed with protein | 7 Health Benefits of Salmon | Her Beauty

manages weight control

of its high protein content, salmon can even help manage your weight.
High protein foods can control the hormones that regulate your
appetite. More salmon can make you feel more full, and also increase
your metabolism. Fatty fish has also been directly linked to reduced
belly fat in people who are overweight. 


May manages weight control | 7 Health Benefits of Salmon | Her Beauty

brain health

is now suggesting salmon can even improve your brain health. Fish oil
and fatty fish may have the potential to decrease depression and
anxiety, reduce risks of dementia and slow memory loss related to
age. Recent studies have shown that consuming fatty fish twice a week
can slow age-related memory loss by up to 13%. 

Protects brain health | 7 Health Benefits of Salmon | Her Beauty

in potassium

salmon contains 18% of the recommended daily intake of potassium. In
fact, salmon has more potassium than a banana, which only contains
10% of the recommended daily amount. Potassium can control blood
pressure, reduce risk of stroke, and decreased water retention. 

High in potassium | 7 Health Benefits of Salmon | Her Beauty

important antioxidants

which gives salmon the red pigment its known for, is an antioxidant
that has the potential to reduce heart disease by increasing good
cholesterol levels and decreasing bad cholesterol. This antioxidant
compound is believed to work in tandem with the omega-3 fatty acids
in salmon to safeguard the brain and nervous systems. Additionally,
astaxanthin has been shown to have skin-related benefits as well. A
study revealed that this antioxidant can improve skin elasticity and
overall skin hydration, with a possibility to even repair damaged

Contains important antioxidants | 7 Health Benefits of Salmon | Her Beauty

in fat

One standard serving of salmon is only about 200 calories. For a fatty fish, salmon has a very low amount of calories, and is very low in saturated fats, while still maintaining high levels of nutrients. This means you can consume more salmon, guilt-free, while reaping the many health benefits this delicious fish comes with. 

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