7 Details That Can Make Your Outfit Look More Expensive

When you scroll through your Instagram feed you probably see a lot of fashion bloggers who look like a million bucks. While some of them might be able to afford designer clothes, others are just really good at finding their own style and putting outfits together. It’s a myth that you need a lot of money to look good. Sometimes looking expensive has nothing to do with the price of an outfit, and has a lot more to do with knowing what to wear and how. So here are a couple of tips that will make your style look more expensive.

1. Smart Patterns
Fashion for patterns changes all the time. One day it’s trendy to wear zebra stripes, the other day it’s all about leopard print. But do you know which patterns are always in style? Small polka dots and Glen plaid, also known as Glenurquhart check. Stick with these two patterns and you’ll always look like you have an expensive taste.


2. Light Colors
Most people choose to wear dark colors on the daily basis because it’s practical. If you spill something on yourself, or get splashed by a car – it won’t be visible on dark clothes. But we’re not going for practical here. We’re going for an expensive look. Light colors tend to look more expensive, elegant and noble. Think about it – the royals usually wear light colors. You know why? Cause they don’t need to be practical.

3.Quality Accessories
A good accessory can make any outfit look way more expensive than it is, so choose wisely. There’s no reason to buy a knock off Gucci bag, it’ll look cheap and gaudy and everyone can tell it’s a fake. Instead buy a lesser known or unknown brand, but make sure that bag is of good quality. Same goes for belts, scarves and hats. And never underestimate a silk scarf – that thing can make you look like Grace Kelly in no time.

4. Classic Pieces
The key to looking expensive is to go for timeless style and invest into some classic pieces. Trends come and go, but cashmere coats, trench coats and pencil skirts will always be in style, so when you’re buying these items of clothing – don’t skimp. Choose a clean cut and a good material. When choosing a coat go for solid and classic colors like black, beige or camel.

5. Nice Shoes
When choosing shoes go for nude or bright heels. Those always look good, no matter how expensive or cheap they are. Don’t bother with patterns or any sort of embellishments – those only cheapen your look.

6. Invisible Underwear
Too many people confuse fancy lingerie with good quality everyday underwear. They think – well lingerie looks pretty, it makes me feel more confident and therefore I will look better. Here’s the problem with that logic. Fancy lingerie isn’t meant to be worn on a daily basis. It’s not meant to be comfortable or supportive. It’s just meant to look good in the bedroom. For everyday wear go for seamless underwear and a simple yet supportive bra. You don’t need lacy trims, the smoother your underwear – the better it’ll look under your clothes, and the more seamless your outfit will look.

7. Makeup and Hair
Never underestimate the power of makeup and hair, they can add a lot to your look and elevate any outfit. The point is to go for a natural makeup look, that will enhance and highlight your best features. Don’t go crazy with eyeshadow colors, instead opt for natural colors or forego eyeshadow altogether and just to a classic eyeliner flick and a red lip. When it comes to hair, it’s also important not to overdo it. Shiny straight hair, or a classic updo always looks elegant and stylish.

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