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7 Avocado Myths You Probably Believe, But Shouldn’t

The avocado craze began a few years ago
when everyone started going as green as possible, and it seems that the Green
Queen isn’t going anywhere any time soon. Packed with healthy fats and fibre,
avocado is a perfect ingredient to add to your diet. We’re used to thinking
avocado is a vegetable, but in fact it’s a fruit, and that’s only one of the
many quirky secrets avocado is hiding up its green sleeve. Here are 7 avocado
myths you probably believe, but shouldn’t.

It’ll turn all brown once you cut it

While it is true that avocados quickly lose
their fresh green glamour once you cut them, turning into mushy brown mass,
there is a way to keep them yummy-looking for a longer period of time. First,
you can try storing the cut avocado in water. If that seems not very delicious
to you, then sprinkle a bit of citrus juice on top to keep it fresh-looking. Another
trick you can use is storing the cut avocado in an airtight container with a
piece of onion. Yep, not very appetizing, but it will do the trick!

They’re perfect for baking

They really are perfect for baking –
avocados can easily be used as an ingredient for creating scrumptious cakes,
but they can also become the star of your cake and a standalone baked dessert.
Don’t believe? Just look at this pic!

Avocados are only for salads

This might have been the case when avocado
has only entered the dining scene of green eaters, but now we all know that
this amazing fruit with its creamy texture is capable of much more. Turn it
into a yummy mousse or smear the just-ripe avocado over a crunchy toast and
you’ll experience just how wonderful it can taste.


They are fattening

It’s true that avocados contain fats (15%),
but we all know that fats can be different and not all of them are harmful for
your health. Avocados are among the few fruits and veggies that contain monounsaturated
or ‘good’ fats that are essential to your diet.

It’s impossible to freeze them

This is simply not true – you can easily
freeze avocados by peeling, cutting, and removing the seed. Pack it into an
airtight container and you’re ready to go. If you want to get especially smart
about your frozen avocado you can mash it, add some lime or lemon juice and
save for your future guacamole!

You can’t eat avocados everyday

Truth is, you can eat avocados as much as
you want, just mind the calories! It’s a great fruit for your diet, but it’s
far from dietary. That being said, a pinch of avocado can do wonders for your
meals throughout the day. Add some to your breakfast smoothie to create a silky
texture, bake a yummy avocado cake for dinner, or make a simple avocado-egg
sandwich for lunch.

Myth: You shouldn’t keep avocados in the fridge

Avocados like fridge just as much as any other fruit or vegetable. It all depends on what you’re going for! If you want your avocados to ripen as fast as possible, just leave them on the table for a day so they become all soft and mushy. If you’re not planning on eating them straight away, store them in the fridge and they will last longer.

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