6 Steps To Becoming a Better You

Loving yourself
sounds like an easy task, but it can actually take hard work. We are
often so kind to people around us, but don’t realize how cruel we
are to ourselves. But self love is important, and the key to truly
living a happier life. If you are constantly talking down about
yourself, or feeling insecure everywhere you go, you will never fully
enjoy any of life’s experiences.

Stop saying sorry

Do you find yourself
apologizing for everything you do, even just casually amongst friends
or to strangers? We are programmed to think we must be overly polite
to the extent of extreme and constant self-correction. This is not
good for your self image, in thinking that you are constant in a
state of wrongness. Try replacing “I’m sorry,” with
“thank you.” It replaces guilt with gratitude, and will
eventually change your concept of yourself.

Surround yourself
with positivity

If you are on a path to improving yourself, it is worth it to analyze
your circle. The work of positive mental attitude starts with you,
but it is important to make sure that positivity is reinforced with
the family, friends or significant other you interact with regularly.
If you have people around you that criticize you or are negative
about themselves, it will be hard to make progress.

Admire yourself

We spend a lot of
time scrolling through social media, idolizing people we don’t
really know. Instead of admiring intangible, distant people, take
stock of your own beauty and form. Take a few minutes in the mirror
each day and find one thing you like about yourself. Try to
appreciate the way you look for a few minutes every day, without
being critical.


Stop criticizing

The above mirror
exercise can only work if you can ignore the urge to find fault in
everything different about you. Those wrinkles, stretch marks, cheek
blemishes or love handles are what make you beautiful and unique.
Those are the things you have to train your mind to stop looking at
as mistakes, and start viewing as gorgeous.

Say affirmations

If that voice you
need to work on remains in your head, it can be hard to control how
you think of yourself. Start saying positive things about your body;
I mean, become almost borderline obsessive with telling yourself out
loud why you are beautiful. There is a lot of negativity in your head
that you have to un-train yourself from believing – which means you
have to be assertive with positively speaking life and love to your
inner voice. What you say and hear will eventually become what you
think .

Exercise with

If every workout session you have is unbearable and unfavorable, you are definitely going to hate working out – and likely hate your body for not performing better at said workout. Running on a treadmill is not for everyone, just like a dance class isn’t either. Try to find the style of exercise that makes you feel good about your body, and is your idea of fun. This could be gym workouts, dancing, nature walks, canoeing, or even hula hooping. Whatever you find, having fun while working out will tell your body that it is beautiful and capable.

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