6 Of The Best “Harley Quinn: Birds of Prey” Looks


The fashion looks in Harley
Quinn’s “Birds of Prey” were more than stylish – they were an emblem of
girl power, independence, and anarchy. Costume designer Erin Benach designed
with the female gaze in mind – a focus on what women would want to wear, versus
what men would want to see them in.

Inspiration ranged from comic
books and street style to fashion editorials and runways shows. There has never
been this level of fashion in a superhero movie before, and fashionistas all
over are screaming.

Harley’s yellow feathered
caution tape jacket

Ah, yes, the punk rock Harley
look. It was full of chaos and beauty with its multi-colored aspects and
billowing, fringed sleeves, but the highlight of this look was the integration
of caution tape, which is a true statement of punk rebellion. The look was so cute,
and so Harley – it’s almost as if she stole curation tape from a crime scene
and made a DIY night out of it.

The see-through back was also an
important detail, and the fact that she wore this look while blowing up Ace
Chemicals and dashing through Gotham City just adds to the anti-establishment
factor. Beneath it, a pink velvet halter top added a dose of funky femininity.

Harley in Marlyn Monroe dream

Poor Harley was stuck in booty
shorts for her Suicide Squad look, but luckily, she got to flesh out her
fashionista side a little more. While Suicide squad mostly showcased black and
red looks, these ensembles were more bubbly, utilizing plenty of glitz, glam,
and sequins. Personally, we loved when she channeled her inner vixen during her
interrogation with the Black Mask.

In a vivid dream sequence, she
dresses like Marylin Monroe in a hot pink look and glove combination, combined
with stunning diamond chokers and layered necklaces. Rather than wearing
Marylin’s classic dress in the “Gentleman Prefer Blondes” reinterpretation,
Harley rocks an updated version with pants. It would be hard to get all that
butt-kicking done in a tight dress, to be fair.

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