6 Nail Types That Have a Surprising Influence On Your Personality


While all of us understand that proper nail grooming enhances our attractiveness on the outside, very few are aware that the way our nails look can have a huge effect on who we are on the inside. Here is a look at 6 different nail shapes and what they mean for your personality.


Long and narrow
People who possess these types of nails know what they want and will do whatever it takes to get it. They enjoy the finest things in life and know how to command a room. On the other hand, they easily feel slighted by others.

Broad, long, and rectangular-shaped
Laid-back, sensible, well-balanced and free-spirited. They are able to view things from other perspectives. They are dependable, choose their words carefully and are deliberate in their actions. They have strong leadership qualities.

Tiny and square-shaped
Clever sense of humor, organized and able to think outside the box when problem-solving. They have a quick temper, although they don’t stay angry for very long. Their major personality flaws include jealousy, greediness and aggression.

Extremely artistic, but they are often very difficult on themselves. They seek fame and prestige. They expect nothing less than success and are upset when they don’t achieve it. They are irritable and emotionally unstable at times.

Loose cannons and lacking patience, such people nonetheless have a clever wit. Extremely stubborn and seek perfection. The shorter the nails, the more the person expects of themselves and those around them.

Sweet, affectionate and have a positive outlook on life. They are selfless, kindhearted and extremely sentimental. They can be a bit naive and their feelings are easily hurt.

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