6 Celebrities You Won’t Believe Are Still Single

As glamorous and beautiful of a life that we perceive that celebrities live, many of us think that celebs easily find love. It is hard to believe that many stars are not in relationships at all times. The truth is that dating in the world of fame and money is just as hard as in the civilian world, if not harder in some ways. The fame and money that so many envies about Hollywood life are the same reasons that make it hard for celebs to know who really loves them for who they truly are. So many celebrities are single, and just enjoying their solitude by focusing on themselves and their careers. But you would be surprised with the celebs that online sources say are actually currently single. These celebs are either in between relationships, or have yet to find a true love that resonates with them. Are you interested in learning more about these stars that are flying solo? Here are 6 celebs that you can’t believe are single. 

Owen Wilson

The funny guy Owen Wilson is one you would think of as one to settle down. But Owen Wilson has never been married. He has everything a woman would want though, the looks, personality charm, and ability to make a woman laugh! Maybe that is why despite having not been married, he has dated many well-known actresses. Those include Kate Hudson, Caroline Lindqvist, Sheryl Crow, Scarlett Benchley, and Jade Duell. 

Jon Hamm

Jon Hamm is an actor and producer that has never been married. He has had quite a few lovers in his time. He also had a long-term girlfriend, Jennifer Westfield, who is also an actor and a writer. They dated from 1997 to 2015, almost two decades! Online sources say that Hamm was a bit of a party boy, and was not the best boyfriend or even responsible adult while he was with Westfield. 

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