6 Best Clothing Colors for Your Skin Tone

you may have a color of clothing naturally prefer, there is actually a science
behind to choose what color outfit to wear. Selecting clothing based on skin
tone may seem like a subtle factor that is insignificant in comparison to other
parts of an outfit. But carefully selected clothing will totally transform and
upgrade a fashion piece. Although, there are so many different shades of skin
tone, there are general ranges of skin pigment that pair well with particular
color shades. The biggest factor in dressing for your skin tone is determining
what category you actually fall into. Additionally, learning if you are more of
a warm or cool version of your individual skin tone is important too.  You
can determine your skin tone type through a few tactics like looking at your
wrists, or checking your hair. You can then detect if you are a cool tone or
warm tone underneath your skin tone pigment. If you are ready to understand
more about selecting the proper shade of 
clothes, check out the 6 best clothing color options for your skin tone.

Very Fair Skin Tone

fair skin tones, it is suggested that best hair colors include platinum, red,
ashy blonde, honey and icy/silvery blonde. Neutral and pastels are great colors
to wear, as well as jewel tones. Celebrities in this skin tone range include
Taylor Swift and Julianne Hough.

Fair Skin Tone

that fall into this skin tone category include actresses like Blake Lively and
Emma Stone. Hair colors that work well with this skin shade include golden
blonde, light brown, red, dirty blonde and light brown. Butterscotch and
strawberry blonde are great hair color options as well. The best options for
clothing include lavender, seafoam green, mint green, coral, soft yellow, and
blush. Fair skin tone also complements clothing colors like ivory and peach as

Medium Skin Tone

For medium skin tones, the best colors to wear include royal blue, pink, olive, cranberry, forest green and purple. Best hair colors are dark or ash brown, golden brown and caramel. Penelope Cruz is considered to be of medium skin tone. 


Olive Skin Tone

Dawson and Jennifer Lopez belong to the olive skin tone family. Hair colors for
this skin tone include chocolate brown and golden brown, and caramel as well.
Great colors for clothing include earth tones, navy, burgundy, pink, orange,
green and olive. 

Dark Skin Tone

Washington and Beyonce are characterized as being in the dark skin tone range.
Hair colors that look beautiful with this skin tone are espresso, honey blonde
and jet black. Colors for clothing are jet black, white, orange, yellow, pink,
ruby and other jewel tones. 

Deep Skin Tone

Jet black is one of the best hair colors for deeper skin tones. Colors for clothing that complement well with this skin tone include blush, jewel tones, white, fuchsia, royal blue and yellow. Deep skin tone describes celebrities like Viola Davis and Lupita Nyong’o. 

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