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6 Benefits of Chia Seeds

they haven’t been apart of the mainstream health craze for long,
chia seeds have long been considered one of the most nutrient-dense
foods on the planet. Chia seeds were a staple among certain ancient
civilizations, mainly the Aztec of Central America where chia is
thought to have originated. The benefits of chia seeds are vast, and
can aid your body from head to toe. But just how amazing is this
superfood? Here are the top 6 benefits of chia seeds. 

Calories, A lot of Nutrients

nutrient-dense foods are also high in calories, making them great in
some ways but counterproductive to weight loss goals  if overly
consumed. Chia is a great option for those seeking to lose weight but
maintain nutritional intake because chia seeds are so low in
calories. They are packed with fiber, protein, calcium, healthy fats
and more. 

Little Calories, A lot of Nutrients | 6 Benefits of Chia Seeds | Her Beauty

in Protein

plants require you to consume large portions if you want to achieve
high protein intake. Chia is a great source of protein, with 14% of a
portion of chia seeds made up of protein. High protein is also great
for weight loss because it can reduce appetite, and potentially
reduce subconscious obsessive thinking about food, as well as the
urge to snack at night. 

High in Protein | 6 Benefits of Chia Seeds | Her Beauty

Omega-3 Content

people immediately turn to foods like fish to find their Omega-3
fatty acids. But would you believe that the same weight of chia seeds
contain more omega-3 fatty acids than salmon? This is what makes chia
a leading superfood for consuming healthy fats. 


Substantial Omega-3 Content | 6 Benefits of Chia Seeds | Her Beauty

Heart Disease Risk

the results are not totally conclusive, some studies have shown that
consuming chia seeds can lower the risk of heart disease. This is due
to their high content of fiber, omega-3 fatty acids and protein.
Testing has shown that there may be the possibility for lowered
inflammation, insulin resistance, and fat around the midsection. 

Lowered Heart Disease Risk | 6 Benefits of Chia Seeds | Her Beauty

for Bone Health

high content of calcium, protein, magnesium and calcium in chia seeds
makes this superfood a great proponent of bone health. The calcium
content is around 18% in chia seeds, which is actually more than most
typical dairy products on the market. This makes chia a great option
for those on a plant-based diet, who are looking to strengthen bone
health– with a higher calcium content than most dairy, it could be
beneficial to dairy lovers as well. 

Great for Bone Health | 6 Benefits of Chia Seeds | Her Beauty

Easy to Use

Many health trends can be hard to incorporate into your diet if you aren’t that familiar with healthy eating. But what makes chia such a popular health food is it’s versatility and easy of use for the average person. Anyone can begin using chia in their diets– it’s as simple as adding chia to your oatmeal or porridge, smoothies and drinks, yogurt, or even baking them into your bread, treats, or any other meal. They are pretty tasteless, but add a hearty texture, so they go well with just about any recipe or home-cooked concoction you can come up with. 

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