6 Awesome Ways to Wear Denim on Denim Like Real Fashionistas Do

on denim is a look that has gone from being super cool to super
retro, to coming right back in style full swing like it never left.
The way we wear denim has changed over the years, and different rules
and contexts have applied to the statement made when wearing denim.
In this decade, denim jeans are one of the most flexible items of
clothing you can wear. You can dress them up with a pair of heels, or
appear more casual with a pair of sneakers. But there is a certain
coolness one can achieve by pairing denim with denim, if the look is
pulled off successfully. With fashion being so flexible in today’s
world, you can wear trendy looks a number of ways and make it work.
But if you have never worn this classic style before and are ready to
take the plunge, check out these 6 awesome ways to wear denim on
denim like real fashionistas do. 

to layered washes

of the basic rules that most denim on denim fashionistas will tell
you is to layer different washes. This adds dimension, and helps you
avoid looking to matchy as you might if wearing the exact same color
wash from head to toe. You can try pairing lighter and darker shades
of blue denim, or even experiment with colored jeans. 

with cuffed jeans

a laid back look, cuffed jeans will set up your casual denim on denim
look with a really cool foundation. A nice, tight cuff will give you
a clean cut yet effortless chill look. You can go for a thick cuff
for loose or wide leg jeans, using a one-inch fold; or you can try a
smaller cuff with skinny jeans, using a half-inch cuff. 

fun with varying lengths and fits. 

may have never paired a jacket with a skirt, or a slouchy shirt with
tight jeans. But a denim on denim look is the perfect opportunity to
play around with contrasting between length and fit variations in the
same denim outfit. 


denim accessories

you are wearing a denim top and denim jeans, denim accessories just
pushes the look to the overkill zone. Avoid accessories like denim
hats, shoes, handbags, scarves or any other appendage and your denim
get up will be all the better for it. 

the dark denim slimming effect

great thing about dark denim is that it has a slimming effect for any
body part it is covering. If you would like to slim down your waist,
hip or lower half in general, start with a lighter wash for a top,
and a darker, deeper pair of blue jeans. 

around with distressed washes

There is something so casually gorgeous about distressed denim. So you cannot go wrong with a rip here and a tear there. If you have an old pair of jeans you want to spruce up, feel free to try out some DIY distressing on your own. There are no mistakes in distressing, only fun and new unique ways to make ripped patterns – not to mention it is pretty fun!

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