26 Valery Kaufman Facts To Know – Jared Leto’s Secret Girlfriend

Valery Kaufman is a popular Victoria’s Secret model who also happens to be Jared Leto’s on and off bae since 2015. I mean, she’s even met his mom. If we were Jared, we would lock it down. He has a history of dating Russian models, but it seems that there’s something about this European looker that has been hard to give up, even after 5 years.

Most recently, the two were spotted doing a classic quarantine activity: hiking. They were trekking in Malibu earlier in June.

1. She is age 25 was born on May 30, 1994 in Moscow Russia. No wonder those cheekbones slay so hard – Eastern European genes explain it all.

2. She’s been on several lists as the Top 50 best models in the world. Considering how many models there are out there, this is a pretty high honor.

3. She started her career on the cover of Vogue Russia.

4. Soon after she was featured in the runway shows of many famous design houses such as Tom Ford, Chanel, Dior and Valentino.

5. Valery is the muse of Patrick Demarchelier, who is an extremely high profile fashion photographer. He even called her “the new Twiggy.”

6. Her main hobby since a young age was dancing. She and her sister Janina toured the world dancing, and was remembered for her movements being similar to Michael Jackson.

7. She starred in Saint Laurent’s 2014 campaign because Hedi Slimane personally requested her.

8. On her time off from work, she liked to go to art exhibits and museums. Her favorite artists are Keith haring Andy Warhol, and Damien Hirst.

9. Her favorite music belongs to Bob Marley, who she’s a huge fan of.

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