2018 Fashion Trends Ranked From Worst to Best

Every year brings new and bizarre fashion trends – some of them recycled and updated, and some… more innovative ones, shall we say. Plastic pants, that’s a nod to your sticky existence. Here are the most memorable fashion fads of 2018, from worst to best.

Fanny Packs
Fanny packs are back and somehow not a topic of ridicule for those rocking it. Even celebrities are rocking this iconically embarrassing dad garment. It is practical, but we prefer a good clutch.

Micro Bags
Are these worse than the fanny pack? It’s debatable. A step down from a clutch, this is a bag that looks as if it were made for a Chihuahua. Rihanna rocked it, but we’re sure she had someone else to carry the rest of her belongings. Something more user-friendly, please.


Plastic fashion is somehow a thing. Topshop came out with what they called “Clear Knee Mom Jeans” for Spring 2017, while they also released some clear Moto pants. Bloggers have suggested wearing it as an accent rather than a serious outfit.


Puka Shells
Yes, the burnout losers of the 90s were famous for rocking this trend, and now they’re coming back on the runway. By Louis Vuitton, no less! If frosted tips follow up this atrocious trend, we’re fully giving up on life.


Dad Sneakers
This year, high-end fashion houses have been making gigantic, clunky dad sneakers that are reminiscent of trainers from the ‘80s. Very Steve Jobs and norm core ugly-chic, but celebrities are loving it! Platform tennis shoes are one thing, but rocking your pretty threads with a middle-aged dude’s shoes is another.


Tiny Sunglasses
Bad throwback to the 90s, and more specifically The Matrix. This look is not proportional on certain faces. Remind us of nostalgic fashion moments we’d rather forget, TBH, but that ‘90s aesthetic is always popular with some folks!


Ultraviolet is in – Pantone’s color of the year proves it! While we do appreciate a pop of vibrancy within a dismal year, we’re not sure that we want to be bold in this shade of purple, which reminds us of old lady church hats. But it could be cute on a blouse or clutch.


Track Suits
Specifically, the skinny track suits. Somehow, this lounge-ready look finds a way to recreate itself every year, and it’s consistently a Kardashian travel staple. This year, apparently velour and prints are back! It’s comfy, so we’re not debating it.

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