20 New Year’s Eve Outfit Ideas

New Year’s Eve parties are the best occasion
to go all out. This is that one time when you don’t have to worry about
overdressing. You can be as bold as you want and wear the most outrageous
thing. Because New Year’s is all about bold colors, sequins, sparkles and
shining bright like a diamond. And since this year is kind of a big deal, it’s
the end of the decade, we’re done with the 2010s and we’re entering the new
version of roaring 20’s – the more reason to party hard and pick a loud outfit
to make it memorable. We tried to give you as many options for inspiration as
possible, so we got some truly sparkly numbers here, some 20s inspired and some
slightly more traditional ones. Let us know which ones you like the most.

1. Let’s start easy. A velvet dress is a
classic for the Christmas holidays and it works for New Year’s Eve too. Bonus
points if it has pretty stars all over it too.

2. If you want to stand out a bit more – an
off the shoulder jumpsuit in bright red might just do the job. Very festive,
but way comfier than a dress, unless you count the awkward bathroom situation.

3. If you want something more casual but still
want to look like you’re in the spirit of New Year’s – a jumper with sequin
sleeves will do just fine. Perfect for a casual get together with friends.

4. To bring more drama to any party – go for a
mini dress with a massive flared cape sleeve. We’re not sure if that’s what
it’s called but it looks cool, ok?

5. A little black dress is a staple in every
girl’s wardrobe, but for new years you can go a little extra and make it a
little black sparkly dress.

6. Puffy organza sleeves are very in this year
and let’s be real, tops with sleeves like this look very festive and perfect
for new years. You can go for burgundy, which is a holiday classic, or a black
with confetti sequins as a party choice.

7. Wrap yourself up all nice like a gift that
you are. A red satin dress will never look out of place at a party during the
holidays and if it has a pretty bow – that’s even better.

8. Normal jackers are so boring, why would you
choose to cover up your cool New Year’s Eve outfit with something plain to keep
warmer when you can go for a glorious shiny sequin one?

9. Now if you want to look classy AF and have
a bit of a 20’s vibe going at the same time, we suggest an off one shoulder
dress with some tassels on it. Very elegant and kinda flapper, right?

10. Gold polka dots on a nude dress are the
epitome of festive but elegant. Pair it with black boots for an edgier look or
a nice nude heel for a more elegant and put together one.


11. We had to include a dress with an
astrological motif in here because seriously, 2019 was a year of horoscopes,
Zodiacs and all things astrological. We’ve never heard stuff like “you’re such
a Virgo” more than this year.

12. A white, feathery dress with some
embellishments seems like a great choice for an elegant New Year’s Eve party
where you want to look like a winter queen.

13. Purely sequin dress in a metallic shade is
a tried and true classic for any New Year’s party. It’s basically law at this
point. It’s what we all think of when we think of New Year.

14. But if you want to add a little twist and
make a loud dress stand out even more – colorful full-on sequin dress is a
definite step up.

15.When you wanna have that roaring 20s vibe
but make it modern, chic and hella cool. This is the answer to all of your
problems. The perfect dress fit for any New Year’s Eve outing.

16. Is it just me or is there something
special about different sized sequins. They just make the dress look so much
more detailed and elegant, instead of just sparkly and loud.

17.Florals for New Year’s? Controversial, I
know, but the stunning shade of green is giving me Christmas tree vibes, which
makes it very holiday season-appropriate, doesn’t it?

18. It’s giving me Black Swan, it’s giving me
Ice Queen, it’s giving me a bit of roaring twenties and it’s giving me a bit of
that dress Kylie Jenner once wore to the MET Gala. All good things, so it’s a

19. A classy red dress, with a bow on the neck
and puffy organza sleeve, just what every fashionista wants to finish off the
holiday season.

20. Tassels – very roaring twenties, embroidery – very cool, beaded embellishments – very New Year’s. I’ve made my point, there’s nothing left to say.

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