16 Girls From The 90’s Everyone Had A Crush On

Many of us had our coming-of-age moments during the 90s, and what coming of age moment is more memorable than your first crush?  That moment when you see someone on screen and your heart skips a beat. While we tuned in to watch these shows and movies from the era of our upbringing, we never got sick of tuning in and seeing these beautiful 90s girls that helped shape who we are today. 

1. Tiffani Amber Thiessen

This hottie from “Saved by the Bell” totally changed the way we saw suspenders. From her sweetheart character Kelly to her role in “90210”, this brunette was the subject of many crushes.

2. Mandy Moore

Though she’s known for her work on This is Us nowadays, we remember when her music career was still thriving (especially that hit “Candy”) and her good girl role in A Walk To Remember. She was the ultimate girl next door, and still has that vibe to this day!

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3. Denise Richards

Denise Richards was the ultimate 90s babe, and after “Wild Things” hit theaters, she was on every college and high school boy’s wall in poster form. To this day, she’s still an unreal goddess!

4. Rachel Leigh Cook

Who could forget “She’s All That”, the movie where the same girl somehow went from nerdy to knockout babe just by putting on makeup and taking off her glasses? PSA: we still think she looked just as beautiful pre-transformation!

5. Sarah Michelle Gellar

SMG will always be Buffy in our hearts, no matter what roles she plays. Her other most memorable role would have to be the ruthless step-sister and mean girl in “Cruel Intentions” who had some serious cleavage moments, and a beef with Reese Witherspoon. 

6. Julia Stiles

Stiles starred in so many 1990s coming of age movies, we’ve lost track by this point. In both “10 Things I Hate About You” and “Save the Last Dance.” Her character went through a journey of blossoming. She went through her own blossoming, and became the blond ”It” girl for quite a while. 

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