16 Best Cold Summer Soups Recipes


Most people associate soups with autumn and winter. They think of soups as something warm and hearty and filling that will make you feel good on a cold day. But the truth is soups don’t have to be hot to be delicious, they can be served cold and taste just as delicious. You’re probably thinking “yeah, I’ve heard about gazpacho before, it’s nice, but it’s just one soup”. Yes, while gazpacho is delicious and probably the most famous cold soup out there, it’s not the only soup that’s served cold. There’s a whole world of cold soups out there ranging from ones that can be cooked in the crockpot or on the stove and served chilled to the raw soups that require no heat to be cooked. So yeah, welcome to the world of cold soups, I’ll be your guide.

1. Chilled Avo Soup With Grilled Shrimp
Avocado? In creamy soup form? Yes please!

2. Beet Gazpacho
Not your regular tomato gazpacho. But this one is even better than the original.

3. Curried Cucumber Soup With Quinoa
Possibly the most refreshing summer soup out there. You have to try it.


4. Watermelon Gazpacho
It’s two of the most summery things together. Gazpacho and watermelon. It sounds strange but it tastes amazing.

5. Zucchini Basil Soup
Fresh yet filling, this soup is a perfect lunch option for a hot summer day.

6. Chilled Tomato and Peach Soup With Ginger
We all know tomato is a fruit, but we can’t imagine it in a fruit salad. Well how about some peaches in your soup? We promise it’s worth a try.


7. Chilled Watercress and Potato Soup
Creamy goodness that tastes good both warm and chilled, but we definitely recommend the chilled version for summer.

8. Spicy White Bean and Corn Gazpacho
Cold soups can be spicy too. If you don’t believe it you need to try this spicy white bean and corn soup.


9. Chilled Cherry Tomato Soup
A slightly different take on the classic gazpacho, but with cherry tomatoes. Yumm!


10. Pea Cucumber Cashew Soup With Mint
This soup has everything. It’s refreshing thanks to cucumber and mint and creamy thanks to cashews and peas. It’s simply the best.

11. White Bean, Cucumber, Mint and Yoghurt Soup
It definitely sounds unusual, but you have to try. The ingredient combination works really well to make this soup very flavorful.


12. Avocado Asparagus Gazpacho
A thick and creamy green gazpacho that will keep you full for long. This one is a must-try for sure.

13. Chilled Pineapple Soup Shots
Did you know you can put pineapple in your soup? And then have shots of it instead of bowls? There’s no rules in the kitchen.

14. Pea and Mint Soup
An old classic, but a good one. You’ve probably had it at Pret at some point. There’s a reason this soup is so popular.


15. Strawberry Soup
Fruity soup? Why not? It’s sweet, it’s creamy, and it takes minutes to make. You just put the ingredients in a blender and it’s done in seconds.

16. Chilled Blueberry Soup
You might call it a smoothie in a bowl, but in Finland this is called a soup. Blueberry soup is definitely something you can have for any meal of the day, or for every meal all day long. It’s that good.

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