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15 Food Art Photos With Really Simple Recipes

Have you noticed that a
lot of the time when people make food art it usually contains ingredients that
most of us wouldn’t have in the house? Like not all of us keep a box of blue
spirulina to make our smoothie bowl bright blue. We also don’t always have exotic
fruits lying around. Few of us actually manage to cook consistently, instead
choosing to order takeout or pizza for a lazy dinner. But this person makes it
seem easy. They started out with just having a blog about meal
dishes, and then they got creative. The result is totally doable, easy meals
that have been arranged to look like animals, celebrities, flower or other fun
things. Take a look and get inspired. Even if you casually cook only a few
times a week you’ll still definitely have these ingredients at home and will be
able to recreate this.

1. Foxy Delicious! Spicy side dish with bulgur, Thai rice and chili
sauce! Seasoned with roasted black garlic and ras-el-hanout

2. Chicken Cutie. Lovely side dish with mashed potatoes, sauerkraut
and carrots. Spiced with black pepper, curry and paprika powder.

3. Happy Rabbit! Greek pasta with homemade tomato sauce, green
haricots, chives and feta cheese.

4. Woodpecker Sushi. Pokeplate with sushi rice, tomatoes, wild
mushrooms and shiitake. Serve with soy sauce, ginger and wasabi.

5. Sea Turtle Sashimi! Pokeplate with fresh salmon sashimi and
cucumber. Serve with soy sauce, wasabi and ginger.

6. Sweet Texas Duck. Creamy vegan chocolate risotto with cacao nibs.

7. Lovely Mathilda! A great dish with rice noodles and basmati rice
served with creamy mushrooms and black truffles.


8. Meet Eddy, the Meal Preppers dog! Creamy risotto with
lentils and pearl barley. Serve with braised mushrooms and fresh herbs.

9. Panda Love! Great side dish with wild and white Basmati rice, black
beans and a puree of beans. Spice up with fresh parsley, chives and garlic.

10. Seagull Salads! A variety of cabbage salads as a side dish for your
main course: perfect with tofu, meat or fish from the bbq.

11. African Beauty! Veggie vermicelli with homemade fresh tomato sauce,
carrots, green peppers, onions and garlic.

12. Eye of the Tiger. Spicy sushi plate with rice, carrots, edamame
beans, peppers and bacon! Serve with ginger, wasabi and soy sauce.

13. Out of Africa! Pokeplate with sushi rice, fresh tuna and nori.
Serve with wasabi, soya sauce and ginger.

14. Rudolph’s Treat! A lovely mix of fresh seafood and smoked salmon
served with sushi rice and samphire. Perfect as an eyecatcher on your Christmas

15. ‘Frosty’ Potato & Squash! Lovely side dish for your buffet: fluffy mashed potatoes with roasted butternut and onions, spiced (and colored) with fresh parsley, turmeric, nutmeg and bell pepper.

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