15 Britney Spears Facts You Didn’t Know


With all the newcomers to the pop world, it’s easy to get lost in the latest trends. But we can’t forget to pay homage to the queens of pop – and one of those reigning queens is most definitely Britney Spears. Here are some things you might not know about this icon.

Britney spears is 37 years old. It might seem young, but she started
out at a very young age, so it makes sense.

2. Britney spears has two kids – Sean Federline (age 13) and Jayden James Federline (age 12).    

Britney Spears is 37 years old | Britney Spears | Her Beauty

Britney spears has a boyfriend, and he was a star in her music video
when they met. A very attractive one, at that!

Britney Spears’ current net worth is thought to be approximately
$215 million – she makes up to 30 million annually thanks to her
Vegas residency, which started in 2013.

Britney Spears’ middle name is Jean.

Sean Federline (age 13) and Jayden James Federline (age 12) | Britney Spears | Her Beauty

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