15 Best Tweets About Beyoncé’s Grammys Performance

If you watched the Grammys you know by now that the only thing that matters is Beyonce. Seriously, it doesn’t even matter who won which awards and for what. This year the Grammys were just a backdrop for Beyonce’s performance. We’re not even sure it’s right to call it a performance. That word just doesn’t seem good enough. It was something way bigger and better than just a performance. It was a religious or spiritual experience. It was something out of this world and you should feel privileged just for being able to witness it.
Queen…no, Goddess Beyonce took the stage dressed in what we can only describe as shimmery diamonds held together by strings of gold, very much pregnant with twins, and wearing a crown so cool we’re pretty sure Jesus was jealous. She performed “Love Draught” and “Sandcastles”. Her voice was amazing, her dancers were incredible, her visuals absolutely stunning, in fact, we think we all need a vacation to process and recover from that night. In the meantime let’s take a look at some of the best tweets about Beyonce’s Grammy Performance.

1.Because it’s always a good time to reference Game Of Thrones.

2. Because she is a Goddess.

3. Forger Grammys, she deserves more!

4. Get it? Cause she’s pregnant with twins.

5. Beyonce for President.

6. So do we, man, so do we.

7. Jemima Kirke, who you know from girls, said exactly what we were thinking. We can never be Beyonce, so what’s the point?


8. Fanboy and Youtube celeb Tyler Oakley also pitched in.

9. Because Beyonce is magic and there’s no doubt about it.

10. Let’s be honest, we were all a bit worried about that chair.

11. Speaking of the chair.

12. They should just rename Grammys to Beyonce’s Coronation.

13. If anyone could do that it would be Beyonce.

14. Don’t we all feel confused? Did anyone else cry at Adele’s speech about Beyonce?

15. True dat.

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