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14 Fun Christmas Treat Ideas

The festive season is
upon us and Christmas is just around the corner. Everyone’s counting down the
days, opening up their advent calendars day by day, decorating their homes with
fairy lights and tinsel, and putting up Christmas trees. It truly is the most
wonderful time of the year. And you know what can make it even better? Fun and
delicious Christmas treats. Because everyone knows that food that looks cute
tastes better. So here are a couple of ideas that might inspire you to cook
some fun treats for you or your family and friends.

1. Polar Bear Hot Chocolate

We all know hot
chocolate is best with marshmallows and if you can make them look fun – it’s
the best. This is so easy to achieve, just grab some candy, different sized
marshmallows and use melted chocolate as glue.

2. Deer Rice Krispies

Why make regular ones if
you can make them look like deer with just some M&Ms, melted chocolate and
candy eyes?

3. Polar Bear Cookies

You could use your favorite
sandwich cookie recipe or just dip store-bought ones into white chocolate and
add ears, noses and eyes using candy and melted chocolate.

4. Mint Snowman Marshmallows

Did you know you can
make your own marshmallows? Oh yeah, it’s pretty easy actually and you can make
them look however you want. All you really need is gelatin and sugar.

5. Gingerbread Cookies With Ombre Buttercream

All you really need to
make the ombre buttercream is two shades of food coloring. Just make two or
three batches and put them in the bag one after another.

6. Reindeer Cake Pops

I mean, you can’t really
do Christmas treats and not try to make a reindeer cake pop, can you? You
could, but you’d be wrong.

7. Christmas Lights Cookies

It’s all about decoration,
isn’t it? Bake your favorite cookies and make them instantly 100% Christmassy
by decorating them like this.


8. Christmas Pie

Any pie can become a
Christmas pie if you put a little effort into the crust. Just cut out a
Christmas tree shape and you’re done.

9. Christmas Tree Sprinkle Cookies

Listen, everything looks
more festive with sprinkles. And in the case of Christmas tree-shaped cookies,
it’s genius, cause it looks like tree decorations.

10. Pastel Ombre Christmas Trees

While we’re on the topic
of Christmas tree-shaped cookies, we might as well show you these pastel ombre
decorated ones.

 11. Fancy Cookies

You don’t even have to
mess around with shapes. If you use gold frosting and write in cursive –
everything looks extra fancy.

12. Snowflake Cookies

It makes sense. Winter,
snow, Christmas – you need some snowflake cookies. And the best thing is they
don’t have to be identical because every snowflake is unique.

13. Mittens And Sweaters

How freaking adorable is
this idea? Mittens and sweaters and hats to keep you warm. And if you make these
to be gingerbread cookies they actually will have a warming effect because of
the spices.

14. Festive Wreath

It’s an easy shape and you can decorate it how you want, but in the end, you’ll have some cute edible Christmas wreaths. You can even use them as Christmas tree decorations.

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