13 Things Your Bestie Will Give You That Your Boyfriend Can’t


Having a boyfriend is amazing, but having an unbreakable sister bond with your BFF is a valuable, unique relationship that you will nurture and fall back on for the rest of your life.

1. They’ll give you the brutal truth. It’s hard for your boyfriend to be objective since he, you know, is in love with you and all. If you’re looking for tough love and no holds barred honesty, BFF will always dish.

2. They’ll give you advice about your relationship and act like a faux-therapist, which is perfect when you’re too cheap to go to a real therapist. You can’t exactly ask the person you’re in a relationship with for relationship advice, so having a friend to talk it out with always helps.

3.You can talk about your sex life more candidly than you can with bae. You can’t talk to him about that weird position he tried, or how you didn’t climax that one time. But you can talk to BFF without fear of judgement!

4. They have unconditional love for you. While a BF might not stick around forever, a BFF definitely will. You can make it through the ups and the downs and have that sisterly love for decades, with ease.

5. You have a built-in shopping partner who knows what looks good on you, and won’t just till you to buy stuff because it shows off your boobs or butt. They could pick out clothes for you with their eyes closed.


6. You can fart and burp, and pick your nose. The lady etiquette and pretending that we don’t poop isn’t a concern with this relationship. You don’t have to be a prim and proper girl all the time – you can let ‘er rip with the bestie!

7. You can ugly cry in front of her. While you don’t want your boyfriend to think you’re dramatic when you’re bitching out that co-worker or friend, you can gossip and be as dramatic as you want with friend-bae, and not have to pretty cry about it. Snorts, snot, runny mascara – give us all you’ve got!

8. You’re never insecure about anything. You’re not scared she’s ghosting you or going to find another BFF, or thinking that you’re not as pretty as another girl. You have total trust and total security in her.

9. You can be a true fattie and watch episodes of project runway all day, spilling sour cream and onion chips down your cleavage whilst you feed each other gummy worms. Trashy tv and binging on snacks is the pinnacle of bFFism – save that salad for date with your bf!

10. You can also guiltlessly have a rom com marathon, which your boyfriend definitely isn’t down for. This would be more of a torture technique with him, and with bestie, you won’t need to make it up by watching “Die Hard” after.

11. You can take a ton of selfies without feeling annoying. While infinite couple selfies are annoying not just for all of social media, but for your boyfriend who has to pose for them, your BFF will always be down for those selfies, and even make them as outrageous as possible.

12. You can talk to them about your first kiss, your first period, and all the other awkward girls-puberty reminiscing moments that would probably make for an uncomfortable convo with your BF.

13. You can borrow makeup, tampons and hair products – women really are magical with the things they share with each other. Bae’s man bun bands really don’t set a standard, but you can always count on BFF for quality elastics and feminine hygiene products.

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