12 Top Black Models That Have Successfully Broken the Stereotypes

In the past few years, we’ve been seeing more and more inclusion on the runways. Black models, after years of prejudice, are finally getting their moment to shine. We’re not just talking being in shows, but opening and closing them, as well as becoming cover girls in their own rights.

We’ve still got a long way to go, but melanin queens are finally dominating the fashion industry, and we think that’s a reason to celebrate the ones dominating in 2020.

1. Ajok Madel

This dark-skinned beauty is still new to the modeling world, but has already been recognized and employed by big names such as Alexander McQueen and Tom Ford. Even Moschino took note. Designers always use her as a canvas for bold and daring looks, which she pulls off quite easily.

2. Sacha Quenby

Straight out of London and only 19 years old, this model has hints of Jordyn Dunn, but her unique bone structure is absolutely killer, as is her fierce expression on the runway. In Spring 2020, she’s quickly become a household name for fashion lovers.

3. Adut Akech

Her smoldering eye contact on the runway and that slinky walk are unforgettable, but it’s Akech’s origin story that makes her stick in our mind. She was born in a South Sudan refugee camp, but was signed as a model at age 16 and soon after walked or Saint Laurent before becoming a covergirl.

4. Thando Hopa

This South African model was born with albinism, giving her a gorgeously unique look apart from her peers. She is “othered” in two different ways: with her skin condition, and her race. But we think those things make her even more beautiful. Oh, and she’s also a lawyer.

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