12 Tips on How to Look 30 Years Old When You’re 50 Years Old

they say is true – age is just a number. And you can fake it based
on how you regard your health, appearance, and overall attitude
towards life. Here are the top ways to age gracefully and have people
thinking you’re decades younger.

Invest in hair care. Hormones deplete and alter as we get older,
which can result in less silky and thinner locks. A weekly oil or
conditioning mask as well as a Vitamin B or Biotin supplement should
keep your hair shiny, full and lustrous.

Spend time on beauty sleep. Try to get at likes 7 and half hours
every night, and try to keep your bed time to around the same time.
This will bring you healthier skin and preserve both elastin and

Cut on on the cigarettes, coffee, and alcohol. These substances,
although fun to indulge inn can bring rosacea, wrinkles, acne, and
fine lines. Switch from soda to infused water and from coffee to tea!

Try out yoga, meditation, or a daily nature walk. These can all
decrease stress that is brought on by kids, work, and just the daily
chaos of life.

Eat fresh, light foods that you buy at the farmers market instead of
opting for processed, fried, or oily foods. Eat foods high in
Resveratrol, which is a powerful anti-aging antioxidant found in red

Try to stay away from food that stains the teeth and instead opt for
weekly whitening treatments. Whitening treatments can go a long way
in giving a more youthful appearance.


7. Don’t stick with the same makeup as you grow older – as we age, the needs of our skin do as well. Don’t go with heavy makeup. Instead, switch to light, tinted moisturizers and cream foundation.

Don't stick with the same makeup as you grow older | 12 Tips on How to Look 30 Years Old When You’re 50 Years Old | Her Beauty

Sun protection and SPF is everything. Get SPF infused skin products
or apply sunscreen daily to keep your skin safe, as well as wrinkle
and sunspot free.

Invest in skincare products that include peptides. Peptides help your
body create collagen and hold back fine lines. Ingredients such as
caffeine and nicotinic acid can also prevent those dreaded crow’s

Skincare | 12 Tips on How to Look 30 Years Old When You’re 50 Years Old | Her Beauty

Update your hair cut. If it’s stuck in a previous era, switch it up
with a soft color update, or a shoulder length cut with cascading,
side swept banks which high forehead wrinkles.

Dress your age, but with a contemporary twist. A foolproof outfit is
always a well fitted blazer and understated skinny jeans.

12. Moisturize and exfoliate! Keeping dead skin at bay helps you maintain your glow, and moisturizing prevent fine lines and wrinkles from becoming prominent, which can happen with dehydration.

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