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12 Things You Should Know Before Visiting Delhi

Delhi is one of the most amazing, culturally diverse and beautiful cities in the world. However, first visits can be overwhelming to the tourists from foreign countries and from India itself. Here are some tips that are worth their weight in gold.

1. Visit during winter instead of monsoon season. November to march is the best time for visiting to avoid water-water-loved roads, intense humidity, or the blazing sun.

2. Go for bottled water, not tap. Unless you have a water purifier or are the guest of someone who has ones, and don’t take ice in drinks when you go out.

3. Have a bottle of bug and pepper spray with you at all times.

4. Bring toilet paper with you. Not every bathroom in Delhi is necessarily equipped with toilet paper. Also, restaurant bathrooms are better than public ones, generally speaking.

5. Take a look at posh area, areas like South Delhi, Kirti Nagar, Lodhi road and INA. Sometimes they even offer affordable prices for luxurious and upscale amenities and stays.


6. November through March also happens to be the most popular time because Delhi’s most popular festivals take place then: Holi is in Feb/March, while Diwali is in Oct/Nov.

7. Figure out how to become a skilled bargainer, whether that means an insider in the city or simply trial and error. Tourists are definitely exploited by vendors, so being confident and knowing the true value of items can help.

8. Street food is magnificent, and even on par with restaurant food. It’s hard not to want to try every single piece of fragrant street food that enters your nostrils. Vegans and vegetarians will love the cuisine. Download the Tomato app to find out about eating out in Delhi.

9. No need to waste more on Ubers or rickshaw taxis – the Delhi Metro is extremely well connected, and has a separate coach dedicated to female passengers. Rickshaws are also fun to explore the city with, but remember to negotiate.

10. The nightlife abides by an “early nightlife” culture since bars can’t stay peen past 12:30am. However, if you want to drink in your hotel, you can go to a wine and beer shop which closes around 10pm.

11. Get ready to experience Delhi belly. While India food is delicious, tourists visiting from more Western countries will usually experience upset stomachs and diarrhea within a couple of days of arrive due to new microorganisms entering your body.

12. 911 won’t get you any help during an emergency in Delhi. Know the number 100 for police, 101 for fire services, and 102 for ambulance services.

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