12 Symptoms You Shouldn’t Ignore If You Care About Your Health


Most people don’t like going to the doctor. They put it off as long as they can and only go when the situation becomes unbearable or critical. Most of us are willing to put up with certain health problems and day to day inconveniences, because as long as it’s not truly debilitating to our life we just learn to deal with it. Not only have we learned to ignore certain symptoms and signals that our bodies are showing but sometimes we don’t even notice or think that there’s something wrong when there is. Simple things like bad breath, dry skin or migraines can be just the first symptom of something way more serious so here are 10 symptoms you shouldn’t ignore if you care about your health.

1. Sudden Weight Loss
Most girls would be happy to suddenly lose a bunch of weight without really trying, but in reality it’s not something to be happy about. Sudden weight loss is never good and it means there’s something seriously wrong with your health and you should visit a doctor ASAP.

2. Fatigue and Tiredness
Feeling tired all the time is not a good thing. It could be just something that can be fixed with a nice long vacation, but if that doesn’t help and you don’t feel better afterwards you should probably visit a doctor, since constant fatigue could be a symptom of problems with thyroid, oncoming MS or even cancer.


3. Excessive Sweating
If you start sweating more than usual it might be connected to your diet or excessive alcohol consumption. If you make the necessary changes and take healthier choices it should go back to normal, but if it doesn’t you really should pay a visit to a doctor. Excessive sweating can be the first sign of malfunctions in the endocrine system, thyroid disease or coronary artery occlusion.

4. Dry skin
One of the inconspicuous but important signs of problems with the endocrine system is dry skin. Women often write it off as just temporary skin problems due to bad makeup or an allergic reaction or just not drinking enough water that day. You might even think that you’ve always had dry skin and that’s just the norm for you. But you shouldn’t ignore this problem and visit a doctor to fix it.


5. Muscle Cramps
A lot of people dismiss muscle cramps as nothing serious. Maybe you’ve just been sitting uncomfortably and cut off blood circulation to your leg, maybe you’re not drinking enough water. But if you’re getting muscle cramps fairly often it could be a symptom of something bigger and worse.

6. Dizziness
It’s one thing if you get dizzy when you’re a bit drunk or very tired, but if you get dizzy every time you get up from a sitting position or just randomly feel a bit dizzy it could be a symptom of anemia or even brain cancer. So don’t wait until it gets worse, get a check up.



7. Brittle Nails
Nails can actually tell a lot about a person’s health. If they’re brittle and weak it might signal that you’re not getting enough vitamins. If they change their color that can be a symptom of kidney problems. If your nails have become kind of concave that can be a symptom of anemia. Even your cuticle thickness can tell a lot about the state of your heart and lungs.

8. Chest Pain
Chest pain is a serious symptom. If you get chest pains during exercise or even just randomly it could be a symptom of a blood clot or heart disease. It’s not something you want to just wait around and see – you should really see a doctor before it’s too late.


9. Wheezing
If you hear a wheezing or a whistling sound when you breathe you should contact a doctor immediately. It’s not just a weird cold that will pass, it could be an allergic reaction that will cause your throat to close up, or it could be bronchitis that can lead to pneumonia. Either way it’s not good.

10. Blurry Vision
If you’ve always had good sight but suddenly you’re experiencing blurry vision and problems with your eyesight you should book an appointment with a doctor as soon as possible. Blurry vision can be a symptom of sight threatening diseases or neurological problems.


11. Confusion
Sudden confusion or changes to personality can be a symptom of a brain tumor or bleeding in the brain or even a stroke. If you’re experiencing moments of sudden confusion throughout the day and find yourself unable to concentrate on even the simplest of tasks – go to a doctor.

12. Fever
A high fever is not to be meddled with. You might think you’re just catching a cold or have flu like symptoms but if the fever is high you should definitely visit a doctor, because high fever could be a symptom of serious infection that you won’t be able to deal with on your own.

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