12 Simple Ways to Show Love for Yourself

It’s not always easy to love yourself. Especially when the world around you seems to be falling to shambles, and just turning on the news stresses you out. But showing love to our fellow friends is so easy, so why can’t we show ourselves that same support and respect? Rather than focusing on how you can improve yourself, why not explore all the ways that you can focus on the positives, like what a worthy and accomplished woman you are in this wild world? There’s no one else like you out there – here’s all the reasons ways we can celebrate that.

1. Stop comparing yourself to others. We get it – on social media, this can be especially hard. But once you start seeing other women as your allies instead of your competition, a whole new world opens up, and helps you be more satisfied with yourself. Remember that social media is just a curated feed.

2. Learn how to say no and set boundaries. Plenty of us have allowed ourselves to be doormats in life, whether it’s in friendships, romantic situations, or with our family. But learning to say no when you don’t want to do something it one of the most powerful feelings. When you stop stretching yourself so thin, you can really focus on yourself.

3. Make a list of all the things you love about yourself. Then, make a list of all the accomplishments you’ve achieved in your life so far. This is how your loved ones see you, and how you deserve to see yourself. At the end of the list, you’ll be impressed and falling head over heels for yourself.

4. Learn how to trust your instincts. Listening to your gut is your soul’s way of telling you what’s best for you. It’s always important to trust yourself and have an inner compass before listening to what anyone else has to say. This will stop you from being manipulated, and help increase your self-confidence.

5. Travel alone. This might not be possible at the moment, but you can always go for a drive out to the wilderness, or a camping adventure. Time alone can help you feel more self sufficient and introspective. Going out of your comfort zone is often a useful self-care experience.

6. Forgive your past selves. None of us are the same person we were a decade ago, or even one year ago. Cut yourself some slack for your mistakes, and forgive the past you for not knowing the wisdom you do today. Love yourself despite those mistakes. Give your past, broken self a hug.


7. Remember that there’s no single beauty standard in the world. Each country has its own definition of beauty, as they say, it’s in the eye of the beholder. Magazines are all Photoshopped, and models on the runway are a depiction of fantasy, not reality.

8. A support network is a big part of embracing yourself as you are. Reach out to your family and friends, asking them what their favorite thing about you is. It might take you by surprise, but can also help you appreciate your strengths in moments of weakness, since it’s an observation that someone else made.

9. Enact intentional moments and full days of self care and indulgence. Personal time is important! Have a cup of your favorite coffee or drink of choice, turn on a movie that brings you joy, and fill up that bubble bath. Pamper yourself, and help manifest your dreams with this restorative time off.

10. Don’t let yourself fall into negative self-talk. When women look in the mirror, it’s so easy to point out all the things that we dislike and judge about ourselves. But inner dialogue has a big role in how we see ourselves out there in the world. Be encouraging, be loving, and be supportive to yourself the same way you would with your BFF.

11. Stop playing the victim. When you have this mentality, it’s also easy to self-sabotage and to expect others to meet your needs, rather than yourself. Loving yourself is about taking ownership of your actions, and what energy you choose to bring into the world every day. Learn your lessons rather than fighting them.

12. Recognize that self love is not being selfish, so let go of any guilt regarding that. It’s all about connecting to your inner needs and celebrating every unique thing about you, while letting go of any self-destructive behavior.

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