12 Reasons Little Women’s March Sisters Are Your Style Inspiration

We know fashion is
cyclical but who knew it would go this far back. We were just getting used to
90s being fully back and dipping into the 80s and suddenly Little Women
inspired a wave of 1860s fashion to consume our brains and therefore our
closets. It’s hard to tell who was first, the fashion runways that did some
1800s inspired collections of Little Women and their genius costume designer
Jacqueline Durran. Either way prairie dressing is back and we’re all very much
into it. It’s kind of perfect that the movie is being released all over the
world right now because we have a whole year ahead of us and can get inspired
by the gorgeous costumes in the movie and implement those ideas into our 2020
wardrobe. Here are 12 reasons Little Women’s March sisters are your style

1. They’re versatile.
There’s something to pick for everyone because the March sisters have different
characters, worldviews and personalities and that’s reflected in their style.

2. Eyelet collars can
look incredibly chic on any silhouette as proven by the fact that all the March
sisters wore those despite their varying styles.

3. Lace-up boots are
practical and stop the whole prairie vibe from going too far. In the
modern-day, you can substitute them with a grungy boot or a Doc Martin to add a
cool vibe to a frilly dress.

4. Basket bags might
seem a bit kooky to take to work, but they will definitely work for picnics and
beach days, plus there are many modern looking ones that still have that
prairie vibe to them.

5. Velvet is the chicest
looking thing you can wear in the colder months, and as Joe shows us, velvet
vests look incredible on girls even if hers is meant to be made for men.

6. The classic, for
prairie dresses, billowing sleeves might seem over the top when you’re already
wearing a long dress, but you can always go for a blouse with the same sleeves
and pair it with some jeans for a more modern look.


7. Prairie dressing is
the ultimate way to feel comfortable while looking hella stylish. Just think
about it. Long loose dresses that only have structure at the waist will flatter
every figure.

8. Beth’s more bohemian
style would seamlessly blend in at Coachella if you wanted to. Her whole attitude
of not wanting to be fashionable is so hipster it hurts and isn’t that still
relevant in 2020?

9. Everything Amy wears
is so fancy and classically feminine you could easily wear it to a fancy event.
But we’re pretty sure some of you out there would happily wear silk gloves and
satin shoes every day.

10. Meg’s style is
perfect for those who prefer a more romantic and vintage look. Her color
palette in the film is #goals and we can’t help but drool over her dresses.

11. Joe is your fashion inspiration
if you want a more subtle look, not too many frills, more button-downs and
structured jackets but still with a nice skirt that will make you feel

12. And finally, we know this is meant to be about March sisters, but as Joe shows in the movie, you can wear menswear and look incredible in it. Honesty, we urge you to try on anything Timothee Chalamet’s character wears and tell me it doesn’t make you feel like a style icon.

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