12 Over-50 Women With Ridiculously Good Style

all the younger generations of fashion bloggers seem to have the
exact same cookie cutter style and appearance, erasing all their
apparent flaws with Facetune. Instead, we’re all about senior women
flourishing in the spotlight and reminding us what the fashion
industry is truly about, when it’s not obsessing over youth.

Lyn Slater

the Accidental Icon, aka Lyn Slater. With over 670k followers, her
style is anything but accidental, and it’s definitely iconic.
Besides being a professor, speaker, consultant and digital
personality, she launched her own fashion blog in 2014 for an
audience of fellow women who lead “interesting but ordinary”
lives as she so eloquently puts it.

Grece Ghanem

Ghanem makes us wish we had a full head of silver, because she looks
absolutely flawless with hers. Her looks are geometric and high
fashion, but never too serious. She’s not afraid to play with
canary yellow and statement-making prints.

Sara Jane Adams

Jane Adams takes her age and wears it like a warrior with the hashtag
#mywrinklesaremystripes originally bringing her fame. This IMG model
has electric style with no age limit or boundaries. One day, you’ll
see her in a shaggy red and white Adidas jumpsuit, another, and she’s
in a sunbonnet and prairie dress.

Baddie Winkle

says you have to be a millennial to dress like one? Baddie Winkle’s
IG tagline reads “stealing ur man since 1928,” and accurately so.
Whether it’s rainbow cheetah jacket, the newest Yeezy sneakers, or
a curve hugging body con dress with bling, Baddie Winkle is more
stylish than your whole clique.

Moon Lin

Lin brings the heat with hypebae inspired street style at age 91,
with a page filled with. Have you ever met a 90+ year old so in tuned
with the culture? Accordingly, she now has a cult following because
her style senses are so keen, Supreme might as well hire her as
creative director.

Linda Rodin

Rodin is everything we want to be when we grow up – tall, thin,
gorgeous, and oozing timeless style. She’s also the owner of a
poodle that turns every sidewalk into an editorial shoot. We can’t
stop stealing inspiration from her European-chic looks, like a
chambray denim long sleeved tucked into pin striped bell bottoms.


Renata Jazdzyk

Jazdzyk is anything but a docile housewife, but her Instagram
cheekily goes by the handle @venswifestyle. Her 53.8k followers adore
her age appropriate yet innovative style. Her color combinations are
always on point, whether it’s brown leather culottes with a fitted
green peplum top, or an all-pink high waisted ensemble that’s a
vintage head-turner.

Cathy Williamson

of the personal styles are a little too bold for some – if your
look is more toned down and understated, you’ll be obsessed with
the outfits of Dallas Fashion blogger Cathy Williamson. Her looks
are casual, accessible and easy to create with affordable Zara or H&M

Dorrie Jacobson

might remember Dorrie Jacobson from the documentary Advanced Style.
She’s 84 and her style isn’t slowing down any time soon. This
woman has lived a rich tapestry of a life, from her Playboy bunny
history to her current fashion blogger status in Las Vegas. Dorrie is
our go-to for elegant but fun looks that are always paired with the
perfect shoe.

Yasmin Furmie

buzzed beauty wears runway-inspired looks that A-list celebs would be
lucky to rock. She’s not afraid to stand out from a crowd, and
definitely gives young influencers a run for their money.

Melanie Kobayashi

Kobayashi is an artist based out of Vancouver, and you can tell her
trade by her wild child hair and attire. She adores playing dress-up
rather than trying to look too refined and always channels a powerful
essence of a specific mood or attitude in her looks.

Vanessa Maguato Mqoco

Vanessa Maguato Mqoco might be 50, but she’s still in her prime! Along with being a stylist, she’s an interior decor designer, which explains her talents for all things aesthetic. She posts plus size looks that make us swoon, and always has jewelry that makes us do a double-take.

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