12 Of Zac Posen’s Most Iconic Dresses

Posen isn’t just king of the runway when it comes to his gorgeous
dresses. He’s the king of the red carpet, and the countless
celebrities who have rocked his fairytale looks are a testament to
that. His designs embody vintage Hollywood glam, and he somehow
manages to capture the essence of every woman that he dresses.

Whether it’s a campy ballgown, a structural masterpiece, or an understated and slinky look, Zac reigns king. Unfortunately, after 18 years in the fashion industry, he’s passing on the crown and closing his business. That being said, he left a permanent impact on the fashion community and will forever be an inspiration to designers and the public. 

Claire Danes at Met Gala 2016

There was this time at the Met Gala 2016 when Posen transformed Claire Danes into a real-life, glow in the dark Cinderella. This dramatic ball gown with a fitted bodice did have gorgeous detailing, but the real magic came when the lights were off. The dress was a perfect princess blue and made out of fiber optic woven organza. 

Deepika Padukone at Met Gala 2019 

Fiber optics are just the beginning for Posen. Who tackled fashion tech at the Met Gala 2019. Deepika’s flamboyant dress was coated in 408 3D crystals, which took over 160 hours to make. The shade of pink and amount of sheen was absolutely breathtaking, and perfect on Deepika. Who else would think up a metallic pink lurex jacquard gown?

Emily Ratajkowski at Emmys 2016

Nothing says Hollywood like a classic mermaid silhouette, and that’s exactly what Zac Posen nailed in Emily Ratajkowski’s Emmys look in 2016. It’s rare to see this starlet covering up her cleavage, but with a master like Zac at work, you have to invest all your trust that he’s going to represent you beautifully. The midnight blue creation featured a unique neckline and fit, with a frilled bottom that carried just the right amount go movement.  

Rihanna at Diamond Ball 2014

Zac pulled out all the stops for glam queen Rihanna, whose dress fit her like a second skin at the Diamond Ball in 2014. Paired with a matching pink mega diamond on her finger and neck, this is maybe our favorite Rihanna gown moment ever. No one kills that dramatic in-cut and out-flare like Posen.

Gwyneth Paltrow at Academy Awards 2007

No one finds the perfect shade of curve-hugging drama for you like Zac Posen can. This dusty peach-toned gown spoke to Gwyneth’s true essence. Modern, regal elegance defined by the unique front seaming and sheer layering work. This is yet another mermaid silhouette that is entirely unrivaled when it comes to innovation. Even nearly 14 years later, it still holds up as timeless.


Oprah Winfrey at Academy awards 2011

Dressing Oprah Winfrey might be the hardest job of any designer’s life. What type of garment do you wear for such an icon? Posen created a dazzling, off the shoulder satin creation with a shimmering grey bottom that mimicked the star constellations. With such mega star power, we thought it was the ultimate idea to dress her up as a dusky grey sky full of stars.

Sarah Jessica Parker at New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala 2019

Sarah Jessica Parker, aka Carrie Bradshaw, has been a queen of fashion moments since the 1990s. She can somehow wear the most ridiculous, couture looks while strutting down Park Avenue and still look like she fits right in. The same goes for this voluminous hot pink look worn to the 8th Annual New York City Ballet Fall Fashion Gala. Looking like somebody’s high fashion fairy godmother from the 80s, SJP was radiant in this look.

Glen Close at Oscars 2012

This look screamed feminine meets feminist – it’s like a power suit, but a dress. Obviously, the only garment suitable for Hollywood royalty such as Glenn Close, who either wears gowns or pantsuits to every event. The gown was a forest green, strapless creation, with just the right amount of floral embroidery. However, the matching blazer with satin lapels is what truly made this look stand out. 

Ashley Graham at Academy Awards 2019

Posen isn’t exactly known for doing understated black gowns, but when you have a canvas like Ashley Graham’s body, you let the curves do the talking. A flared out hemline and an asymmetrical neckline were the main focuses on this strapless creation. But mostly, we can only focus on the human hourglass that is Graham.

Jourdan Dunn at Met Gala 2019

when Posen experimented with 3D crystals? Well, in 2019, he graduated
to a full-on 3D dress, turning supermodel Jourdan Dunn, who he turned
into a human, ruby-red metallic rose.

Christina Hendricks at Emmy Awards 2010

When you look directly at Mad Men star Christina Hendricks, it’s kind of like looking directly at a brilliant phoenix. Posen took that bird metaphor to flight with this gorgeous off-taupe look that pays homage to Joan Crawford and her era of stars. The feather detailing on the sleeves and towards the train is just the right amount of subtle. 

Liu Wen at Met Gala 2014

No one makes celebrities into walking Disney Princesses like Posen, and we just wanted to leave you with this Liu Wen masterpiece as proof of that. Usually, huge, puffy ballgowns are too much, but the extended neckline on this strapless green look adds an avant-garde essence to it, as does the gathering below the waistline that almost makes it look like she has tentacles. No matter who Posen dresses, they somehow always end up stealing all the attention at red carpets. 

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