12 Necessary Styling Tips A Tall Girls Need To Know

Let’s get one
thing clear – being tall is an advantage. Not only do you get to
see things at concerts and cinemas even if you’re in the back, but
you also get to literally look down at people. How cool is that?
You’re basically a model and will inevitably look good on all the
high fashion trends. Cause if you think about it, all models are tall
and they can wear anything they want and look great. Honestly, you
could put on a potato sack on yourself, add some accessories and look
effortlessly chic. All you really need is confidence. So embrace your
height – it’s the best thing ever. But if you feel like you still
need some styling tips – we’ve got some for you. Just keep on

1. Tall Brands and

If you’re very
tall and want things to fit properly and be full length – looking
through tall brands or just tall collections is your best bet. Quite
a lot of brands do tall, petite and maternity collections these days.
And if you don’t know where to start, my best bet is always ASOS.
You can at least look through some tall collections and then go from
there figure out the brands you like and shop with them.

Tall Brands and Collections | Her Beauty

2. Three Quarter

Sleeves that are a
bit too short are a common issue with tall people. Like finding a
truly long sleeve thing in a regular store can be pretty difficult.
But don’t worry – three quarter sleeve length has been a thing
for ages now. And it looks universally good on everyone. So either
buy tops with that sleeve length or just roll up your “slightly
short” sleeves and make them intentionally three-quarter sleeves.

3. Cropped Jeans

Cropped jeans have
been trending for a couple of years now and it looks like this trend
is here to stay. So don’t worry if you bought jeans that are too
short – it’s fashionable. Plus you can always make everything
look cropped intentionally by cutting off the edge or cuffing the
jeans. Wearing those with strappy ankle sandals is the best.

Cropped Jeans | Her Beauty

4. Heels

Girls who think you
can’t wear heels cause you’re tall – you’re wrong. Too many
tall women think that they’ll look like a giant if they wear heels
when in reality they’ll just look like a confident gorgeous model.
Heels can actually make your feet look smaller in proportion too if
big feet is something you’re worried about.

Heels | Her Beauty

5. Balancing Out

If you have rather
broad shoulders and narrow hips you can look a bit unproportioned.
You can either run within and enjoy some of the perks of looking
androgynous, or you can try and balance out the proportions by
wearing voluminous skirts or peplum tops. Basically, if you make your
hips appear larger you’ll look more proportionate.

Balancing Out Proportions | Her Beauty

6. Oversized

Don’t forget that
being tall and skinny means that you can wear oversized clothes and
look incredibly chic without really trying. It’s one of the many
perks of being a tall girl. Long wide trousers with tight tops will
accentuate your small waist. Oversized jackets with skinny jeans or
dresses will make you look extra feminine.


Oversized Everything | Her Beauty

7. Maxi Dresses

Maxi dresses are
basically made for you. You will look bohemian AF and you never have
to worry that you’ll drown in all that fabric. And on the off
chance that you buy a maxi dress that looks a bit short on you-you
can tie up the sides and make a trendy midi dress without needing a

Maxi Dresses | Her Beauty

8. Belts

Listen, if you worry
that you don’t have that hourglass figure and you’re feeling just
long and lanky – wear a belt. It’s always a good way to visually
split up your frame, showcase your waist and generally balance out
your figure.

Belts | Her Beauty

9. Invest In

If there’s one
thing you should invest in – it’s the basics. Trends come and go,
but you’ll always need a good white t-shirt, a nice blouse, some
skinny jeans and a nice coat. So go ahead and search out the basic
things that truly fit you perfectly. It’ll be much easier to get
dressed and add some flair to your wardrobe once you’ve got the
basics covered.

Invest In Basics | Her Beauty

10. Thigh High

Not a lot of people
can truly pull off thigh highs but you, as a tall girl, definitely
can. Your long legs are basically made for thigh highs. So embrace it
and flaunt it. They work best with those dresses that look like
oversized shirts (which incidentally also look great on you).

Thigh High Boots | Her Beauty

11. Embrace Your

Cropped jeans,
three-quarter sleeves – these are all trends now and people
intentionally buy things that look a bit too short. Do you realize
that what you experience naturally with certain clothes has now been
made into a trend? People pay extra to achieve that “oh it’s a
bit too short” look. If that’s not a reason to embrace your
height – I don’t know what is.

Embrace Your Height | Her Beauty

12. Tailoring Is
An Option

If all else fails and you just can’t find something that fits you how you want it to – you can always get things tailored. It might cost you extra, but it’s worth it with statement pieces and certain basics. Plus, wearing something tailored perfectly for you is always a confidence booster.

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